Mobile Relationship

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Mobile Relationship Management

Say goodbye to one-size fits all mobile marketing.
You’re obsessed with your smartphone and so are your customers. To grab your customers’ attention, you need to deliver personalized and relevant mobile interactions. In 2011, we defined a new framework in mobile marketing to help marketers to do just this.
Mobile relationship management (MRM™) enables marketers to personalize mobile experiences at scale, across millions of customers. This emerging approach is dependent upon, and fueled by, technology. This technology is the glue that brings together strategy, execution and data to deliver personalized mobile experiences throughout the customer journey – from awareness and engagement, to transaction and loyalty.

The mobile customer journey

To win in mobile marketing, you must continuously deliver interactions throughout the customer journey – awareness, engagement, transaction and loyalty to drive deeper engagement and more value.
Mobile has the most impact when you weave it throughout the entire customer journey and use it to connect digital and offline touchpoints. This is what mobile relationship management is all about.

Weaving mobile throughout the customer journey

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