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A cloud-based mobile engagement platform. 150 mobile experts ready to help.

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Looking for a tech platform to fuel your mobile strategy?

Looking for a small army of advisors to help make sense of the mobile ecosystem? We’ll help you crack the code.

150 mobile gurus.

Designing a successful mobile experience. Crafting a long-term strategy. Training your team on how to kick ass with mobile. We’re here to make it all happen faster than you can say “ROI.”


Our process

Here’s how we do what we do best.

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Customized solutions tailored to your needs.

From lightweight mobile experiences to large-scale programs, our Mobile Solutions Group works with clients to deliver business growth by tapping into the power of mobile. We create unique mobile experiences that deliver on core business objectives and take your mobile initiatives to the next level.

Which kind of service works best for your brand?


You and your team can use our Platform on your own.


We can log into our Platform and run and optimize your campaigns for you.


Or we can work together to execute your mobile campaigns.

It’s not magic. It just seems like it.

1. We identify the opportunity.

Our internal team works closely with your brand to determine the best way to reach your goals through mobile. We collaborate on the right strategy that often includes mobile experiences to drive acquisition or engagement across the consumer journey. Once we have identified an opportunity, our internal teams will work with you to develop a brief that outlines your objectives, KPIs, desired behavior and timeframe, how it will be promoted and budget considerations.

2. We plan, strategize and get started.

Once we have a brief that outlines the key information, our team will kick off the initiative. Based on the initial information, we can come back to you with a rough scope and timeline within a week. Once we have completed ideation, we will bring 2-3 conceptual ideas that we can execute to deliver on your goals along with high level solution architecture.

3. We design a solution just for you and bring it to life.

After selecting and fine-tuning the concept, our team will map out the full solution architecture. Our developers and software engineers begin front and back end development once all requirements, solution architecture, design and interactions have been reviewed and approved.

4. We launch your campaign and measure its success.

As testing concludes and any adjustments are made, final reviews are implemented and tested prior to launch. Once live, our analytics team ensures data is captured properly and we:

With Vibes, integration is easy.

Our Platform + your existing system = unstoppable.

Plug it into your cloud.

You’ve made big investments in your CRM systems, email system and many others. Making Vibes an integral part of your marketing cloud will make your investments even more valuable.


  • Target and personalize content
  • Send transactional and automated messages
  • Customize offers for different consumer segments


Long gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all messaging. Today’s savvy shoppers expect content that’s relevant to their interaction with your brand. To achieve this, you need to integrate data from your other systems. Our mobile CRM platform capabilities make it easy for you to send out personalized and contextually relevant content to all of your customers.


Our Platform is built on an open API infrastructure—making it simple to connect with all of your systems. We regularly integrate our platform with our clients systems and platforms. In addition, we have an experienced team of project managers and technical integration experts who work with your IT team to make sure the integration process is seamless.

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