Seen on the Mobile Scene: MTV Movie Awards launches Twitter Vote!

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I stumbled across this call to action. Lionsgate has done an amazing job of mobilizing their young audience base (and old folks like me) with engaging social media interactions. From the reveals of district shields to the promotion of fan generated materials, they are constantly bringing fans back to their page.


Look at that call to action! What a great way to spur action for a group of rabid fans! As a rabid fan, I clicked on the link and was taken to this slick page:

A real time leaderboard showing fans exactly where their heroes stand in the race! I clicked to vote for my girl Katniss and got an auto filled message with the call to action already built in. Nice!

All in all this is a very simple, engaging experience that is sure to get the Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans ready to head into the arena to see their hero win.

When executed correctly, twitter vote can be an incredibly powerful tool to engage users. It allows fans to broadcast their vote while casting it. If fan interest is high enough, it lays the ground work for a viral campaign. This campaign had fan pages and personal users promoting the interaction, allowing for completely free promotion for the sponsor.  Unfortunately the sponsor, Sprint, wasn’t being promoted with their program. Their logo was promoted on the leaderboard site but their involvement wasn’t mentioned in the auto-generated twitter message. There wasn’t an option for extended interaction even if the user wanted to continue the conversation. With over 810K tweets supporting their favorite heroes that is quite a missed opportunity.

Vibes at the Super Bowl!

The Vibes office is buzzing with plans for the Super Bowl. Wishing Monday was a national holiday has been the topic of much of the water cooler talk. But not all Vibes employees are taking a load off this weekend! Our Verizon team is busy activating the On-Screen events, NFL App downloads and alert opt-ins at Super Bowl village.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Indy this weekend, be sure to check out our Tweet-2-Screen and drop off some wings to our team!

Seen on the Mobile Scene: Standing Ovation

The Vibes office is filled with musicians, athletes and world travelers. I’ve always loved the encouragement we get to pursue our non-mobile interests. When I’m not rocking and rolling here at Vibes, I keep myself busy in Chicago’s sketch and theater scene. When I started working at Vibes five years ago, mobile marketing was only available to the lucky few with large enough budgets and very open minded bosses. I never thought I would see a time when the theater and mobile worlds would collide. Nowadays mobile is everywhere and it’s becoming more and more affordable especially as social media and mobile merge into one entity. Here are some great campaigns I’ve seen in theatre lobbies around town.

Chicago Sketchfest is the largest sketch comedy festival in the country. Featuring 162 performances over the course of eight days, with three shows performing in each time slot, keeping everything straight is a nightmare. This iPhone app allows you to access the schedule, select favorite groups and organize your weekend. It was a life saver! This little app had a clear purpose; they put the focus on the intended user experience rather than flashy technology. I only heard good things about it from attendees and performers.

Sketchfest is a Chicago staple and they have a marketing budget to utilize but even groups without that flexibility are getting in on the mobile game. This brings us to The Tweet Life.

This was idea was so good, it made me jealous. To quote the creators:

The #TweetLife selects one follower of @the_playground for each show to be the source of suggestions for improvised comedy. That follower watches (with one of two free tickets) as improvisers create live theater based on the experiences and posts from that user in the previous week.
Want to be a potential source for art, improv and live theater? It’s easy. Simply follow @the_playground and send a message saying: “@the_playground I want in on the #TweetLife.”

I adore this idea! It’s fun, original, topical, it speaks to fans of improv and social media alike and most importantly: It’s free publicity. The only thing we theatre kids like more than applause is free stuff!

Theatre companies are also slowly adopting QR codes by placing them on posters and promotional materials. The QR code usually opens up to a ticket purchasing platform or the group’s website. It’s a simple addition that really encourages sales and extended interactions. When used with bit.lys, it allows groups to see which marketing materials are working. QR codes aren’t always pretty but they are effective!

I’m excited to see what happens in mobile as it becomes adopted by smaller companies and store front theatres in Chicago!

Seen on the Mobile Scene – Confessions of a Yap Addict

Hello, my name is Anna Schlegel and I hate voicemails. Ever since I received my first cell phone for my 16th birthday, this aversion has become Schlegel family legend. My sisters pull out all the stops, having adorable nieces and nephews leave the message or talking in accents to catch my attention. No luck.

Chalk it up to living in the city (so loud!), having a crazed schedule (never enough time!) or just working in mobile marketing; I let those voicemails pile up and then delete when my inbox is full. Sorry Mom. According to Mashable, I am not alone in my preference. Like 31% of American adults, I would rather get a text.

Enter Yap. This nifty little app switched my voicemails to texts! Simple to install, easy to use and a price point of zero; a dream come true. My love for Yap was blind, though it had a very hard time with my mom’s Midwestern twang. Yap always thought she was calling me “Dave,” but I loved it. I could read my voicemails on the train or in a meeting. I didn’t have to jot down numbers or remember to return calls. There was also an easy-to-organize list at my finger tips.

You can imagine my disappointment when Yap was discontinued at the end of October. True to form, Yap sent me two alerts over the two weeks leading up to their end of service and my saved messages are still stored in my app. Yap gave great service, even as they were ending our relationship.

I couldn’t help but wonder why our relationship had to end and hoped they would re-release Yap for purchase. I was hooked and my sanity is worth $2.99. Unfortunately, Yap has been purchased by Amazon. There are some theories that they are gearing up to compete with Apple’s new “Siri.” I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Amazon’s new offerings but, right now, I need a new voicemail-2-text app! Anyone have any suggestions?

The Importance of Mobile Quality: My US Bank App Experience

Things you don’t often hear: “I love my bank!”  There, I said it! I’ve now had a checking and savings account with US Bank for over ten years. Their service has always been solid, my overdraft protection gives me peace of mind and frankly, closing the account my mom opened for me often causes nostalgia flare ups. Unfortunately, my loyalty has lead to some… inconveniences. In my hometown of Boise Idaho, US Bank branches were as abundant as potatoes, but after moving to Chicago, where US Banks aren’t as readily available, making a deposit really turned into a struggle.

My husband is a proud account holder at USAA Bank, the bank for military personnel and their families. Thanks to USAA’s online system and its early adoption of Android phones, he’s been depositing checks and banking exclusively from his phone for years. His two-click deposit system makes my putting-on-a-coat-and-scarf-to-take-two-buses-to-my-bank system, seem even more ridiculous. It’s also his strongest point when trying to convince me to convert to a USAA account. When I upgraded to an iPhone, I was thrilled to discover the US Bank App. “Ha!” I told him,“I can deposit checks from my phone now!  See? Look at how smart I am!” In response, he simply smiled and said, “Awesome,” because well, he’s just more mature than I.

I downloaded the application and went through a rather lengthy registration process. The interface was stark and a little confusing but I trudged along nonetheless. Once the registration was complete, I was able to see my account balances. Not exactly earth shattering. I’ve been viewing my balances via mobile web for a while. I decided to deposit a check as this feature was the reason I downloaded the app to begin with. I walked through all the steps and giddily took a picture of the front and back of my check. I attempted to submit my check but I got an error message that read, ”Please take a picture of the front and back of the check.” Surely, I was doing this wrong. I zoomed in, ugh, no luck. I lined it up against the edge of my desk, nope. I laid it on a black background, a no go. I tried a few more configurations before I hit the FAQ’sI would not be deterred. After all, I had a husband to prove wrong! According to the US Bank mobile site, my carrier (Verizon) and my phone were compatible, so I decided to dig a bit further and came across this note in the customer reviews section from the Apple store:

In short, as a Verizon customer, I cannot deposit checks from my phone. At no point over the course of my registration process was my carrier ever listed as a limitation for this feature. The error message was very misleading and I could have spent another hour taking shots of the check. While I’m not nearly as dissatisfied as VerySad7, I can’t say I am thrilled about this app. In fact, I’ve gone back to checking my balances via mobile web.

Compatibility with a user’s phone should be a huge sticking point with mobile campaigns and full disclosure is of the utmost importance. I started out this process as an enthusiastic customer that really wanted to like this product. If the carrier limitation was listed on the mobile site itself, if the feature wasn’t available on my app menu or even if the error message had stated “This feature is not currently available on your phone,” I would have had a much different emotional response to the program. While the service I’ve received at US Bank has always been exceptional, I wish their mobile experience mirrored that quality service.

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