Vibes Offers Google Wallet Integration on Catapult Platform

Today Google announced at its annual Google I/O Developer Summit that it is developing a mobile wallet solution that will allow consumers to save objects to Google Wallet, such as loyalty cards, offers, tickets, boarding passes and more. With all the opportunities this new solution presents to marketers, we’re excited to announce that Vibes is launching an early adopter program for those marketers looking to incorporate Google Wallet into their mobile marketing mix.

What does this mean? Well, since it will be integrated into our cloud-based mobile relationship management platform called Catapult before Google’s consumer launch later this year, it means that our clients will be among the first to be able to experiment, test and measure this solution as a mobile marketing tool. Vibes can help marketers engage the Android-smartphone audience with offers and promotions that take advantage of time, location and interaction (the combination of which is proven to generate foot traffic and increase average order value). And, the best part: We can start immediately!

Our team has been working with the Google Wallet Objects API for the last few months and also has been proactively working to integrate Google Wallet functionality into Catapult, so our product is already developed. This gives our clients access to a broader smartphone audience using an incredibly simple, yet powerful, platform.

We’re looking for early adopters to sign up and test this new technology. Why should you consider being first? Because with nearly 50 percent of smartphone users on the Android operating system, this solution will create tremendous opportunities for you to leverage Google Wallet to drive engagement and loyalty with a significant percentage of mobile consumers.  And with Google’s location services, your customers can receive notifications when they are near your physical stores. This allows you to build one-to-one, ongoing relationships with convenient reminder notifications that create urgency and drive consumers to take action.

Want to learn more? We’re hosting a webinar Wednesday, May 29, at 1 p.m. CDT about the emerging mobile wallet space and what Google’s announcement means for retailers and marketers. For more information, and to inquire about Vibes’ Google Wallet early adopter program, please reach out to me at

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