Double Down and Double Your Mobile Database

There’s no shortage of “experts” out there who have “secrets” about how best to build a mobile database. But often times these secrets seem more like obvious tactics that work IF you have an unlimited budget and all the time – and resources – at your command.

The reality is that while there certainly are many great tactics you could do, the real question is what should you do if you want to grow your mobile database? For example, using in store signage to promote your mobile database might be great… but what if you can’t? The bottom line is you need to understand what’s going to work best for you and for your customers, taking into account the realities of your company.

Our challenge
In the latter half of 2013, a team of very smart people sat down at Vibes and laid out a challenge: given the realities of corporate life (e.g., limited resources, time and money), what’s the best way to build a mobile database?

Everyone in the room had opinions of various tactics or channels we could use – and they all sounded great. But we weren’t satisfied; we couldn’t prove that the tactics would actually work. We couldn’t tell definitively how many new subscribers the different tactics would generate. We needed data.

So we set out on what turned into an epic quest to find data. We spent months researching past programs and past campaigns. We analyzed programs that worked very well and those that didn’t work as well as expected. We found certain multipliers – like running a sweepstakes – that greatly increased acquisition. Then we compared that to other incentives like coupons to see which one worked better.

Our solution

I’m pleased to announce that after months and months of research we now have data! In fact, we have more than data. We have invented a new KPI that can help simplify expectations and benchmark how your programs should be doing and how much you should spend on an acquisition program.


Today we are officially launching our Mobile Acquisition Calculator. This free tool lives on our website and can show you the most effective ways to accelerate growth of your own unique mobile database.

We are also releasing our “SMS Marketing Handbook: The definitive guide to growing your mobile database in a post-TCPA world,” in which we present the following:
- Strategies and tactics for building your mobile database in a post-TCPA world
- Benchmark data featuring new SMS acquisition metrics
- Best practices, based on real results, for designing and executing your SMS acquisition campaigns
- How different marketing channels compare when building a mobile database
- How to leverage Google Wallet, Apple’s Passbook & iBeacons to grow your mobile database


We hope this information is as helpful and exciting for you as it is for us! Please contact us know if you’d like to learn more about growing your mobile database.


JUST RELEASED — The Mobile Wallet Handbook: The ABCs of Passbook and Google Wallet

We are pleased to announce the release of the Mobile Wallet Handbook. This definitive guide showcases the building blocks of creating and executing successful mobile wallet programs using Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook. It features strategic guidance on how to get started, activation ideas, creative calls-to-action, best practices and design tips and tricks you need to know before launching your next (or first) mobile wallet campaign. We will also show you how to optimize your programs to make your customers take notice and action.

Download The Mobile Wallet Handbook

Build-A-Bear “furry friend dress up” holiday campaign

This holiday season many retailers are leveraging gamified mobile Web experiences to engage with their customers. One great example is Build-A-Bear Workshop, who is delighting their mobile subscribers with a fun and interactive dress up game that allows consumers to accessorize their desired product and share them via social media

How it works 

Customers text in the keyword DRESS to the shortcode 68710. They will then receive a text with a reply message that asks them to confirm their birthdate and to opt-in to their mobile marketing program. Customers are then sent a link to a microsite featuring the interactive dress up game.

The microsite allows shoppers to select their preferred product and customize it with accessories. Customers can “dress” their selected product by dragging and dropping accessories of their choice onto their furry friend. When they are finished, there are options to share their creation on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also a link to the customized products that can be sent via SMS or consumers can click to shop on Build-A-Bear Workshop’s mobile site. In addition, the microsite allows children to send their accessorized furry friend to Santa.


Creating this type of personalized experience allows Build-a-Bear Workshop to connect with their consumers in an enjoyable and memorable way that builds loyalty now and into the future.

Click here to learn more about Build-A-Bear Workshop’s holiday campaign.


Infographic: The Power of Passbook

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