Pass Manager™ is an easy-to-use, self-service tool for creating, managing, distributing, optimizing and measuring Passbook-enabled programs. This first-to-market enterprise-grade solution allows retailers and brands to distribute compelling location-aware mobile experiences in minutes and enables marketers to use multiple mobile channels such as text, mobile web and push notifications in conjunction with the mobile wallet functionality of Passbook.

Working with Passbook’s location-aware functionally, Pass Manager gives retailers the power to deliver offers that are timely and relevant to a consumer’s proximity to a physical retail location. Passbook’s lock-screen notifications can be triggered based on a person’s location, serving as a reminder of existing offers, creating urgency, driving the consumer in-store to redeem an offer while it’s still top of mind, relevant and convenient to them.

Maximizing reach when distributing Passes is critical for marketers, which is why Vibes developed a single SmartLink™ that can be distributed through any channel, including text, email, Web, mobile advertising and social networks. The intuitive SmartLink technology sends Passes to iPhone users and mobile Web content to users on other devices. Pass Manager works with our Mobile Pages Module, enabling retailers and brands to create Passes and a fallback mobile web landing page through a single interface by using the same content and then distributing a single URL.

Pass Manager is the first self-service module available in a series of mobile wallet management capabilities we support that will include offers, event promotions, loyalty cards and more.


Recorded Webinar: Passbook Results Are In: What’s Working, What’s Not and What’s Next?

In this webinar, hear real program results from early Passbook adopters such as Sears, Texas Roadhouse and industry perspective from Gartner on the potential of Passbook. Receive the inside scoop about how Passbook is being used today by marketers to drive foot traffic, mobile engagement and ongoing loyalty.

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