Advanced segmentation, targeting and personalization capabilities allow retailers to create even closer connections with their most valuable customers by delivering personalized and contextually relevant mobile experiences at scale. Create one-to-one relationships with your customers that lead to improved offer redemption, brand loyalty and an increase in sales and average order value.


Catapult’s easy-to-use campaign management tools help you navigate the powerful — yet complex — mobile marketing landscape. Our platform guides you through the process of creating and designing targeted campaigns with personalized messages to your audience segments. You can also schedule campaign launches and duration, analyze results and optimize campaigns on the fly.

Interact with your consumers through a multitude of campaigns — important product and event alerts, offers and incentives, contests and interactive on-screen activities both in-venue and in-store to support your sponsorship and in-store promotional marketing activities.

Catapult is a multichannel marketing platform that enables brands to launch a wide range of mobile solutions including:

  • • SMS and MMS
  • • QR codes
  • • Passbook Passes
  • • Google Wallet Objects
  • • Mobile web
  • • Mobile web forms
  • • Microsites
  • • Push notifications
  • • Integration with social media platforms

Vibes' Wallet Manager arms brands and marketers with easy-to-use tools to deliver dynamic marketing and loyalty programs that maximize on the true value of mobile - time, location and interaction. Wallet Manager ensures that you meet the demands of today's consumer by delivering on the promise of consumer convenience. Think of mobile wallet as the leather, not the plastic - where you can leverage dynamic, location-aware mobile wallet offerings to drive in-store traffic and higher conversion rates.


Our Catapult™ Mobile Pages module arms you with the tools to create hosted, mobile web pages that deliver rich content to any mobile audience. Create sophisticated HTML 5 mobile pages in minutes. Simply decide what content you’d like to present (mobile coupon, web form, survey, product information) and how you'd want it to look, and then use Catapult’s intuitive builder tools to execute the campaign.

Once you've built a page, you have the ability to send the URL out to your subscriber database via text message, email the link to your customers and embed the URL into a QR code and encourage users to scan it through a mobile call-to-action. This delivers a highly engaging experience for your clients. The mobile pages you create are responsively designed for consistent display, regardless of mobile phone type.



For marketers, access to data is critical for measuring marketing programs. That’s why Catapult provides detailed analytics that give you visibility into valuable consumer metrics. This knowledge enables your campaigns to be adjusted on the fly to ensure maximum response rates and to ensure you are reaching the right consumers with every message.

Our dashboard gives you a comprehensive view into both scheduled and executed campaigns with click-thru access to view and modify. The data export features can easily be integrated with other CRM and marketing performance systems.

With real-time access to data, you’ll gain deep insight into your campaigns allowing you to more effectively manage your overall marketing spend and maximize the impact of your dollars.


As a marketer, running multiple marketing campaigns across multiple systems and effectively delivering customized content can be challenging. To address these challenges, Vibes created an approach to integration that simplifies the process of infusing mobile into existing marketing campaigns.

Catapult includes a comprehensive library of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable data exchanges between Catapult and our customers’ applications (web, email, marketing automation) or systems (CRM, MRM and loyalty databases).

Access data for real-time and post-campaign analysis and to guide ongoing marketing decision through a single interface for a complete view of your campaign results across all channels while ensuring data integrity.


Vibes is one of only seven Tier 1 aggregators in the U.S., putting us in a unique position among mobile marketers. Unlike our competitors, who send their messages blindly through third-party aggregators, we use our direct connections with the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. This allows us to monitor your messages every step of the way, from conception to delivery and gives us unrivaled connectivity that’s reliable, scalable and fast.

At Vibes, we do more than just rely on our direct connections. We also staff a dedicated connectivity team that monitors our secure connections 24 hours a day. This lets you rest easy knowing that if a connectivity problem arises, it will likely be resolved before you even know about it.

Our relationships with carriers let us do more than just deliver messages. They allow us launch your mobile programs on the tightest timelines in the industry. As the largest licensor of short codes in the U.S., we have intimate knowledge of the provisioning process and understand what it takes to navigate seamlessly through the complex ecosystem. And, if something comes up during provisioning, our trusted relationships with carriers provide us with direct lines to people who can solve your problems and move the process along.

Interested in working with a Tier 1 aggregator who delivers real customer service? Learn more about Vibes Connect.