iBeacons and mobile wallets

The introduction of beacon technology has presented both retailers and consumers with new opportunities for engagement. Apple iBeacons or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons are an emerging technology that enables precise micro-location based proximity targeting.

Tying beacons to mobile wallets — specifically iBeacons and Apple Wallet — can act as a new engagement channel for consumers. Once iBeacons are set up in retail stores, all offers and loyalty cards saved in Apple Wallet can be triggered by iBeacons.


Leverage latitude and longitude

One of the most powerful features of mobile wallets is that they are GPS-enabled, location-aware devices. You can use latitude and longitude coordinates near your store to trigger notifications. The more precise the location trigger, the better.


QR Codes – Enhancing the customer experience with QR Codes

QR Codes act as the marketer’s link between the online and physical world. These simple, recognizable codes are leveraged by leading brands and retailers to power compelling mobile experiences each and every day, inside the store and out.

Use our platform’s QR Code management capabilities to create and report on the QR Codes you activate in market. Once you’ve created and distributed your QR Codes, use our platform to dynamically update your codes’ destination in just seconds – eliminating your need to replace ‘old’ QR Codes with new ones.

Leverage QR Codes to drive deeper engagement:

In store: Set up QR Codes next to products, allowing customers to scan and receive purchase-influencing product information and more exclusive content.

In print: Activate print advertising with a QR Code call-to-action and turn your print ad into a purchase opportunity. Direct customers to commerce sites or product reviews. Drive in-store traffic by instantly delivering customers a mobile wallet offer.

Out of Home: Place branded QR Codes on billboards, street furniture, transit displays and more. Drive customers to engaging web experiences, fun games and to learn more about your company.