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Leverage Apple Wallet & Android Pay for
success in Mobile Wallet Marketing

The mobile wallet marketing opportunity is real – and evolving quickly. Apple Wallet & Android Pay represent the next frontier in mobile and digital marketing, allowing marketers to activate email, SMS, ads, mobile web and virtually any other channel with mobile wallet content. Learn more about the mobile wallet marketing opportunity and how we work with retailers, marketers and advertisers to get their brands into customers’ mobile wallets.


Wallet 101

The launch of Apple’s Passbook & Google Wallet forever changed the way brands, retailers and advertisers engage their mobile customers. These mobile wallets provide a new way for marketers to deliver offer, coupon and loyalty card content to a consumer base eager to receive it.


Over nine in ten (94%) mobile wallet users are likely to save personalized mobile wallet offers and coupons

The value proposition for mobile wallet is clear. In addition to streamlining in-store payments, the fact that users can save tickets, offers and loyalty cards to their smartphones is a win-win for everyone, including:



Whose process of saving and organizing offers and loyalty cards is streamlined and simplified – ensuring they never have to worry about forgetting to bring this content in-store ever again. This is why according to our latest mobile consumer data, one in three of your customers uses a mobile wallet today.


About a third (32%) of smartphone users currently
use a mobile wallet.
Younger consumers (18-34) are more likely to use a
mobile wallet than older consumers



Who are finally armed with trackable, updatable and location-aware content that is standardized by Apple and Google. These mobile wallets were built from the ground up to help you drive in-store visits, redemptions and ROI. And as your ROI rises, so will your brand perception. A strong majority of your customers say their positive opinions of your brand will rise if you offer them opportunities to save offers and loyalty cards to Apple Wallet & Android Pay.


Change in perceptions of retailer due to digitized loyalty cards


The mobile wallet opportunity has quickly matured. Apple and Google have evolved their Passbook & Google Wallet apps into the revamped Wallet & Android Pay. This illustrates the tremendous investments Apple and Google have made in creating and maintaining mobile wallet utility apps to be used as commonly as your native calendar, messaging or web browser apps.


Mobilize offers
& loyalty

Explore the benefits brands could expect to reap from activating their offers and loyalty cards in Apple Wallet & Android Pay.


The results are in on mobile wallet coupons and offers. Our mobile consumer data tells us that nearly 6 in 10 consumers say their positive opinion of a retailer would increase of they started delivering coupons and offers that they could save in their smartphones.

The value proposition is simple: Enable your customers to save your branded coupons and offers to their mobile wallets, and track redemptions both in-store and online.


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Industry researchers and analysts have long predicted that mobile will transform loyalty – and for good reason. Forrester Research Inc.'s 2015 The Future of Mobile Wallets Lies Beyond Payments report revealed that the ability to save loyalty cards to smartphones was the most desired mobile wallet consumer feature, leading the research firm to assert that mobile wallets were positioned to become will become powerful marketing platforms. In support of Forrester’s findings, our own data revealed that mobile wallet loyalty cards would drive more positive opinions of loyalty programs amongst consumers, as well.
Give your loyalty members the option to leave their plastic cards at home, in exchange for a digital version that’s with them at all times.


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Changes in perceptions of retailers due to digitized coupons and offers

Mobile wallet platform

As Apple and Google’s mobile wallets have evolved, so has our Wallet Manager platform.

We were first-to-market with Wallet Manager back in 2012. And since then, our technology has evolved into the platform of choice for some of the most recognizable brands around to set up, launch and measure mobile wallet programs. This gives marketers a holistic, full suite of mobile wallet capabilities to help them capitalize on mobile’s fastest growing channel.



Activate virtually every online and offline channel with mobile wallet

Activate WalletAds

Activate mobile ads and enable consumers to save branded content directly from your ad into Apple Wallet & Android Pay.

Success in mobile wallet is no longer exclusive to brands, retailers and marketers. Since the launch of WalletAds, advertisers and publishers have discovered that linking mobile wallet offers to their banner ads is one of the most effective (and measurable) uses of their mobile ad spend.
We’re celebrating one year of WalletAds! Learn more about how they work for advertisers just like you.



Wallet ROI

For both new and experienced mobile marketers, having access to benchmark data and results is key to defining ROI goals. Similar to tried-and-true email and direct marketing strategies, mobile wallet marketing has matured to the point where these valuable metrics are available.


Total Campaigns

6,000 (and counting) Apple Wallet & Android Pay campaigns for over 150 retailers and brands since 2012 at Vibes.

Add-to-Wallet Ratio

30% average Add-to-Wallet percentage across all mobile wallet campaigns for all clients in 2015.

Conversion Ratio

11% of Apple Wallet & Android Pay offers and coupons were redeemed across all mobile wallet campaigns for all clients in 2015.

Wallet Deletion Rate

Only 1 in 4 customers who
added offers and coupons to their mobile wallets ever deleted that content after it expired or was redeemed in 2015.

The ability to track ROI across mobile wallet programs
has allowed our clients to drive results like these:

An SMS-powered subscriber acquisition flow enhanced with mobile wallet drove $2.2 million in less than three months for one client, and has since resulted in over $11 million in mobile attributed revenue annually.


One client’s coupons for Apple Wallet & Android Pay generated almost $1 million in three weeks, with one third of all saved coupons being redeemed in-store. They have since driven over $18 million in mobile attributed revenue in just eight months.


One client launched a nationwide mobile game activation rewarding participants with a personalized mobile wallet offer as a prize that drove one million redemptions and over $9 million in mobile attributed revenue in just three weeks.

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