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Leverage Apple Wallet and Android Pay

The mobile wallet opportunity for marketers

Get your brand and your content inside Apple Wallet and Android Pay using Catapult’s Wallet Manager module. Wallet Manager enables you to easily mobilize all of your offers and loyalty cards.

Apple Wallet and Android Pay are the ultimate shopping companions because they deliver on the promise of customer convenience. They are the only place on your customers’ phones where they store everything they need to make their shopping experiences with your brand more successful.

At Vibes, we built Wallet Manager — a robust, yet easy to use Catapult module, to help marketers set-up and manage campaigns for both Apple Wallet and Android Pay in one integrated interface. You don’t need multiple platforms to manage these communication channels.

Mobile wallet marketing works

In September 2012, Vibes was first to market with a mobile wallet marketing solution – Wallet Manager. Since then, Vibes has run thousands of mobile wallet campaigns with Apple Wallet and Android Pay for several leading retailers. The metrics collected from these mobile wallet campaigns demonstrate that the non-payment side of the mobile wallet is an effective tool for driving foot traffic, increasing average order value and building loyalty.


Wallet 101

With Apple Wallet and Android Pay, consumers no longer have to remember to bring their coupons and loyalty cards to their favorite retail stores. Instead, they can store them on their smartphones and be reminded of offers when they are near a store or when an offer is about to end.

The mobile wallet marketing movement

Apple Wallet and Android Pay are the two key players in the non-payment side of mobile wallet. Here’s everything you need to know:

Android Pay

In September 2013, Google launched a new Google Wallet app for all Android phones. This mobile wallet solution allows consumers to save loyalty cards, offers and tickets to Google Wallet. Through a cloud-based distribution model, digital content can be saved to Google Wallet from any device and then appear on a consumer’s phone instantly for redemption. Marketers now have access to millions of consumers using Android-enabled devices who are ready to start adding mobile offers and loyalty cards to their new App. Google Wallet is also available for iPhones through the App Store.

Learn more about Google Wallet


Apple Wallet

Apple paved the way for marketers to dynamically interact with consumers with the launch of Passbook in September 2012. Passbook is pre-installed on all iPhones with iOS 6 and iOS 7. This gives iPhone users one-click access to add Passes. New with iOS 7 is a built-in QR Code scanner that allows offline content to be added to the phone with one simple step. Marketers can also leverage iBeacons as well as Passbook’s built-in, location-aware functionality to create time and location sensitive offers that drive consumers in-store.

Learn more about Passbook


Wallet strategy

Before getting started with mobile wallet, it’s critical to understand what you are trying to accomplish with the program so you can build out a robust mobile wallet strategy that integrates with your overall mobile plan.

These goals could include:
  • Increase redemption rates
  • Drive additional foot traffic
  • Extend digital loyalty programs to improve overall lifetime value and minimize breakage of reward certificates

Next, identify that channels and content you plan to activate with mobile wallet so you can enroll other marketing owners if needed.

A great place to start is looking at the promotions you currently have planned. Usually these include big events or holidays that you have developed an integrated marketing program around. Translating a print or online coupon into mobile wallet content is easy and can quickly help you prove the value of mobile wallet marketing

It’s also important to outline KPIs that you want to measure with each program that you run. Test early and test often for marketers running their first few mobile wallet programs.

Questions to ask yourself when testing elements include the following:
  • What types of CTAs drive the highest “add” rates?
  • What channels have the highest conversion rates?
  • What is my redemption rate for mobile wallet compared to mobile web and email?
  • What impact will retargeting customers who haven’t added content to their mobile wallet have to drive additional “adds”?
  • What impact does messaging to installed mobile wallet content have on my program results?

Learn more about how Vibes' team of mobile experts can help you create a winning mobile wallet strategy.

Mobile wallet strategy

Mobilize offers

Everything is going digital these days. And coupons and offers are no exception. Innovative apps like Apple Wallet and Android Pay allow consumers to store and organize everything on their phones. The consumer value proposition is a no-brainer.

Wallet Manager: The industry’s only cross-platform mobile wallet solution

Wallet Manager is the industry’s only cross-platform mobile wallet solution that enables marketers to create, distribute and manage mobile wallet campaigns for both Apple Wallet and Android Pay.

Seeing is believing. Try it out.


How Wallet Manager Works

  • Manage campaigns: Marketers use templates to create Googled Wallet Objects and Passbook Passes — in minutes — and then send personalized mobile wallet experiences to consumers through Catapult™, Vibes’ Mobile Relationship Management Platform.

  • Maximize reach: Catapult SmartLink device detection automatically delivers Google Wallet Objects to Android phones, Passes to iPhones and mobile Web content to other devices.

  • Distribute across channels: Catapult SmartLinks can be distributed across any channel, including SMS, email, social media, QR/barcodes, Apps and more.

  • Personalize experiences: Google Wallet Objects and Passbook Passes can be personalized for the consumer. This provides marketers with the ability to deliver richer, more relevant experiences.

  • Deliver dynamic content: Marketers can push content updates to saved Objects and Passes (e.g., reward balances) with messages sent directly to consumer devices.

Wallet Manager's powerful marketing tools

Marketing on a mobile device is about personalization; it’s about dynamic content; and it’s about getting customers the information they need. Wallet Manager makes it easy to set up mobile wallet campaigns in minutes. The best part? There’s no need to involve your IT department. We have already integrated Passbook and Google Wallet Object APIs into our platform so you don’t need to worry about the technical details. All you and your marketing team need to do is log into Wallet Manager to set up and run your mobile wallet campaigns.

1. Create

Use Wallet Manager’s easy-to-use tools and streamlined user interface to create your mobile wallet content. Simply select the right template for your campaign and then use our editing tools to choose colors, upload your images and branding, type in text fields and more. No coding, no confusion and your mobile wallet offerings are instantly brought to life.

2. Distribute

Wallet Manager leverages Catapult SmartLink device-detection technology. This enables you to send out your mobile wallet offerings across any platform or channel with one simple link. This one link can be activated using a combination of both offline and digital touch points, including SMS, email, Push, online, direct mail and in-store.

3. Manage

Leverage the dynamic nature of mobile wallet content to update offers to drive more foot traffic. Depending on the distribution channel, data is available that reports the percentage of people that interacted with your mobile wallet content. Examine each channel and determine if there are further ways to re-target content to to optimize “add to mobile wallet” rates.

4. Measure

Use Wallet Manager’s intuitive dashboard to gain valuable insights. Measure click-through rates, gain visibility into saved and deleted content, and more. Use this valuable data to prove ROI. You can also integrate your own in-store, POS sales and redemption data with Catapult to close the loop on your mobile wallet programs. We make the data integration process seamless.

5. Optimize

Leverage data to optimize your mobile wallet programs. Segment and re-engage your customers based on past behaviors and mobile preferences. Improve your redemption numbers by improving offers while they are still in market. Wallet Manager provides you with direct visibility into closed-loop performance that enables you to maximize the success of your mobile wallet marketing programs.

Mobilize loyalty

With the explosion of shopping choices available (both online and off) it’s become increasingly difficult for retailers to build and maintain loyalty with their customers. It’s more important than ever to truly differentiate your loyalty program and find new, innovative ways to drive deeper engagement. But how do you do it?

The answer: Mobilize your loyalty program with Apple Wallet and Android Pay. This approach is proven to drive deeper engagement with loyal customers and increase the overall lifetime value of your customers.

Apple Wallet and Android Pay allows you to:
  • Create and manage digital loyalty cards
  • Display real-time point balances
  • Issue reward certificates
  • Communicate with your loyalty members about exclusive offers and more
Mobile wallet loyalty cards: A win-win for marketers and consumers:

Mobile wallet is transformational. It allows you to accomplish your unique goals, while rewarding your loyal customers with an enhanced loyalty experience. This makes it a true win-win for you and your loyal customers.

For the marketer, mobilized loyalty programs:
  • Engage loyal customers through a new and innovative mobile channel
  • Deliver reminders and updates for point balances and exclusive offers
  • Activate cost-effective, yet powerful location-based marketing
For the consumer, mobilized loyalty programs:
  • Create a more convenient, easy-to-use loyalty program
  • Offer insight into loyalty programs through real time point/content updates
  • Remind consumers when they’re near retail location with location triggers

Wallet Manager enables marketers to manage mobile loyalty programs for both Apple Wallet and Android Pay in one integrated platform.


Seeing is believing. Try it out!

Mobilize your loyalty program today!

If you’re ready to mobilize your brand’s loyalty program with Apple Wallet and Android Pay, contact us.


Time & Location

What’s unique about wallet is it’s dynamic, living content. This means you can interact with the content in real-time and use it as a communication channel. Wallet content in both Apple Wallet and Android Pay offers notification capabilities similar to Push messages, allowing you to run cost-effective time- and location-based marketing programs.

Provide timely reminders for your customers

You can use wallet content to send timely reminders that increase foot traffic. For example: The offer you saved to your phone is about to expire, the reward certificate you have just doubled in value, you’ve increased to Platinum status in your loyalty program, etc.

iBeacons and mobile wallets

The introduction of beacon technology presents both retailers and consumers with new opportunities for engagement. Apple iBeacons or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons are an emerging technology that enables precise micro-location based proximity targeting.

Tying beacons to mobile wallets — specifically iBeacons and Apple Wallet — can act as a new engagement channel for consumers. Once iBeacons are set up in retail stores, all offers and loyalty cards saved in Wallet can be triggered by iBeacons.


Leverage latitude and longitude

One of the most powerful features of mobile wallets is that they are GPS-enabled, location-aware devices. You can use latitude and longitude coordinates near your store to trigger notifications. The more precise the location trigger, the better.

Activate emails

Email is one of the most effective ways to distribute Apple Wallet and Android Pay content. Simply add a “Save to Phone” button on your emails and you’ve given your customers an easy way to save your valuable offers, coupons and loyalty cards to their phone. If customers receive an email on their mobile phone, they can add the mobile wallet offer with a few clicks. If they receive it on the desktop, you can have customers enter in their phone number to send to their phone.

You can also tie together which consumers redeem an offer in-store with each email you send. That’s powerful data you can use to improve your email programs and to demonstrate the value of mobile.

We work with leading email providers to make sure your emails are not only activated with Apple Wallet and Android Pay content, but that it maintains all the personalization parameters you’re leveraging as part of your CRM strategy.


Introducing mobile wallet advertising…
the future of mobile advertising is here

Today’s most common post-click banner ads drive consumers to destinations that ultimately provide limited impact and ROI. These destinations include a link to download an app, mobile web pages and mobile shopping carts, 97% of which are abandoned.

Now thanks to widespread adoption of mobile wallet, brands and advertisers have a new and better post-click destination for their customers: WalletAds – stored in Apple Wallet and Android Pay.

This new post-click destination leverages Vibes WalletAds, allowing consumers to tap and instantly save offers, coupons and more to their smartphone’s mobile wallet app – Passbook (for iPhones) and Google Wallet (for Android devices).

Learn more about the mobile wallet advertising opportunity and try it for yourself. Go to on your mobile phone to see WalletAds in action.

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