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Next-level mobile messaging with our platform: Your message, any mobile channel

Mobile consumers today are more sophisticated than ever before. When they decide to engage with their favorite brands, they expect to be marketed to on their terms. They want messages that are timely, personalized and relevant to them. And they want it to be delivered through their preferred channel.

That’s where the Vibes Platform comes in. From SMS to mobile wallet and now push notifications, our platform is the industry’s first and only fully integrated mobile messaging solution that allows you to manage and engage your entire mobile audience across all mobile channels.

The result:

Deeper engagement with your consumers on their terms leads to new revenue.

Based on a recent survey by Vibes of 1,000 smartphone users, we found that 60 percent of consumers enable push notifications on their smartphones. This creates significant opportunities for marketers to engage with loyal customers.


Push 101

If you have an app, you’ve likely made a significant investment not only in development, but also in driving downloads and adoption to maximize the impact of your investment.

Push message marketing allows you to communicate with your app users, both to drive engagement (and re-engagement) and purchase conversions. It is a permission-based mobile messaging channel you can use to deliver information to your customers.

With our platform's Push Manager, we provide you with the expertise, turnkey platform and suite of APIs you’ll need to manage your push messaging program. The Vibes Platform is the industry’s only mobile marketing platform capable of addressing all your mobile engagement needs.


Push strategy

To increase app usage and revenue, you need to develop a strong push messaging strategy. Push is a powerful channel that when used correctly can be a true win-win for app users and marketers.

Based on our recent consumer survey of 1,000 smartphone users, we found that only 16% of consumers regularly use the apps on their phone. This definitely signals a significant need to find new ways to drive app utilization and engagement. Push notifications (driving your app users back to the app for valuable, relevant information) are one of the best ways to increase usage.


Let our mobile experts help you define your goals and objectives, determine what success looks like and create a plan based on your customers’ preferred mobile channels.

Learn more about our mobile strategy services

Orchestrate messages

Imagine sending a mobile consumer the same message across three mobile different mobile channels (text, push, wallet), all within 30 seconds of each other — and not having any control over those channels to avoid over-communication. This kind of engagement redundancy will eventually result in communication fatigue for your customers and their disengaging one or more marketing channels with your brand.

This is why it’s critical for marketers to have a single view of their mobile consumers, so they can create a strategy and approach that minimizes over-communication and delivers channel-appropriate content.

Use our platform to orchestrate messages across all mobile channels

The Vibes Platform allows you to orchestrate messaging across all your mobile channels. Deliver each mobile message through the most appropriate and preferred mobile channel. Seamlessly communicate with your SMS mobile subscribers, app users and mobile wallet install base.


Message intelligence to reach your mobile audience

One key facet of next-level mobile messaging is the ability to use messaging intelligence to determine which message to send to drive the right consumer outcome. We have three distinct messaging intelligence levels to help you orchestrate messages across the various mobile channels:

  • Campaign-level logic: Rank your preferred mobile communication channels for specific subscription lists
  • Subscriber-level logic: Give your mobile consumer the ability to set a preferred communications channel
  • Message-level logic: Decide which mobile channel to deliver your message through based on the message’s content

App engagement

Drive app usage and engagement

Push messaging is a powerful channel for marketers, and the strategies for leveraging this channel center around three areas:

  1. Drive app usage through engagement and re-engagement with your app
  2. Engage customers while in-store
  3. Engage customers to make unplanned purchases within your app

It’s important to make your push strategy an integrated part of your overall marketing strategy. Delivering the right message at the right time will encourage your app users to re-engage and use it — resulting in increased revenue and purchase frequency.


Push notifications drive app engagement

Much like other mobile messaging tactics, push notifications are sent with a specific goal in mind. The main purpose around delivering Push notifications to your app users is to prompt them to engage — or reengage — with your app.

Using our platform for push notifications will give you the ability to:

  • Deliver push notifications to your app users.
  • Set time, location and behavior triggers for your push notifications.
  • Target and segment your app users by app engagement, purchase behaviors and more.
  • Personalize push notifications with your customers’ names and other unique identifiers.

Take advantage of the location features of apps to run cost-effective, location-based marketing programs. Your app can now be used as a tool to remind consumers when they are nearby so that they don’t miss out on an offer or promotion and it can enable you to engage shoppers while they are in-store.

Personalize push

The same personalization and robust mobile CRM capabilities that make Catapult a powerful one-to-one marketing platform can also be leveraged for push message marketing. Segment and target messages using push just like you do with text messages or mobile wallet campaigns. It’s the same technology, just applied to a different channel.

Use the information you have about your customers – both implicit and explicit – to deliver push messages based on their unique interests and purchase history.

The Vibes Platform allows you to send smart, personalized, contextually relevant push messages. These messages will not only get your customers to take notice, they will drive foot traffic and increase revenue.

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