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SMS Marketing 101: Getting started with SMS Marketing

There has never a better – or more important time – to engage your customers via mobile messaging. Consumers have collectively made the shift to mobile, and SMS (or text messaging) is at the forefront of that shift.

SMS is the de-facto way people interact with each other, easily outpacing phone calls and other communication methods. Given that, it’s only natural for brands and retailers to tap SMS as a key mobile engagement strategy and build their mobile databases, which have been proven to drive significant ROI and revenue for marketers.

Several clients in Vibes' Business Outcomes case studies library routinely leverage mobile messaging campaigns to drive upwards of $15 million per year in mobile-attributed revenue.


MMS: Add Photos, Videos & more

Rich, vibrant and visual in nature, MMS is a great way to add a fun interactive layer to each message you send.

MMS has many of the same value-adds for marketers that SMS does. While standard SMS focuses on text-only communications, MMS focuses on delivering multimedia experiences to consumers that incorporate visuals, audio, video and more.

Today, virtually any phone capable of receiving text messages is MMS-enabled too. This gives you the ability to capitalize on nearly 100% of the addressable mobile market with interactive messaging.

Build a mobile database

The foundation of your mobile strategy.

Building a strong mobile database is a foundational element to winning in mobile marketing, according to 2016 Mobile Consumer Data. The more mobile subscribers you have opted-in to your database, the larger your addressable mobile audience is. Ultimately, the larger your mobile audience is – the more powerful your engagement and ROI results will be.

  • A leading brand has forecast their mobile database of one million subscribers to generate $18 million in mobile attributed revenue.
  • A leading retailer found that their average mobile subscriber spends $322 per year more than their average not-opted in customer.
  • A leading retailer added 300,000 subscribers to their mobile database over one weekend – and is seeing upwards of $14 million in annual mobile attributed revenue.

Mobile Messaging Guide

New Mobile Messaging data, use cases & results spanning SMS, MMS, Push & Wallet notification programs.

Mobile Acquisition Calculator

Learn how to use key marketing channels to grow your mobile database with our Mobile Acquisition Calculator.

Post-click Experiences

Link to memorable next-level interactions within your mobile messages. Take your mobile messaging strategy to the next level by adding a second interaction layer to every message you send out. Deliver URLs in your messaging that redirect customers to videos, product pages, fun experiences, mobile wallet content and so much more.

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Our platform takes every URL you deliver to your mobile audience, shrinks it, and makes it unique to every subscriber who receives it. This allows you to track important in interaction data and get the most value out of every message you send.

Mobile Messaging Platform

Built on two decades of mobile best practices and expertise, our Catapult platform is the go-to mobile relationship management platform for some of the world’s biggest brands. Marketers just like you leverage Catapult to create, personalize, distribute, report and optimize their mobile messaging engagement programs.



The first step to any mobile messaging program is creating a new campaign, setting your time/duration and audience parameters, and creating message content. These are all basic, fundamental mobile messaging program creation steps that should be available in your platform's UI and made easy for you to access. This involves choosing your campaign type, selecting the subscriber segment to engage (SMS shortcode, app users, etc) and inputting critical details like keywords, message types, compliance (when applicable), message copy and more.



Personalizing mobile messaging campaigns at scale is a key feature you should look for in any mobile relationship management platform. Use in-platform tokens to enhance your mobile messages with unique identifiers such as customer name, loyalty ID number, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Furthermore, leverage integrated customer CRM data to segment your customers and target them with behavioral and preference specific messaging. This ensures you're delivering the offers, news and other content that tie-in directly to each customers' needs and interests.



Once you have created your mobile messaging programs and set personalization, targeting and segmentation parameters in place, your mobile platform - and team - should have the capabilities and expertise in place to leverage the right channel for your mobile messaging. Whether it's a large-scale send to your opt-in SMS mobile database, or it's smaller, time-triggered notifications to your mobile wallet customers - your platform and team should have the technical and strategic capabilities to ensure your messages are being delivered through the ideal mobile channels.



Leverage a mobile relationship management platform that offers both a bird's-eye-view your mobile marketing programs across all channels, while also providing you with the in-depth reports you'll need to analyze and optimize your programs individually. Your mobile partner should also feature client-wide aggregate program benchmarks in-platform to give you reference point for what program success looks like and engagement results to strive for.



Delivering enterprise-scale mobile messaging requires an enterprise-scale platform to guarantee message delivery is smooth, timely and ultimately successful. Tap a platform partner who is a Tier 1 Aggregator with connections to all major carriers, and who also has similar industrial-strength focus and capabilities around Push and mobile wallet distribution to ensure similarly guaranteed delivery across every mobile channel available in-platform.

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