Mobilize your loyalty program with Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook

There is a new loyalty marketing frontier for retailers. It is now easier than ever to activate existing loyalty programs with Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook. To help retailers capitalize on this opportunity, we've enhanced Wallet Manager™ with mobile wallet loyalty capabilities. These enhancements allow retailers to seamlessly digitize plastic loyalty cards and manage customer loyalty programs – all via their customers' Google Wallet & Apple Passbook apps.

This new, innovative technology drives deeper engagement with loyal customers and helps retailer loyalty programs stand out among the rest.

Mobile wallet loyalty cards: a win-win for the marketer & customer

Mobile wallet is transformational. It allows marketers to accomplish their unique goals, while rewarding their loyal customers with an enhanced loyalty experience. This makes it a true win-win for both the marketer and their loyal customers.

For the marketer, mobilized loyalty programs:

  • • Engage loyal customers through a new and innovative mobile channel
  • • Deliver reminders and updates for point balances and exclusive offers
  • • Activate cost-effective, yet powerful location-based marketing

For the consumer, mobilized loyalty programs:

  • • Create a more convenient, easy-to-use loyalty program
  • • Offer insight into loyalty programs through real time point/content updates
  • • Remind consumers when they’re near retail location with location triggers

Build wallet loyalty content in minutes

Seeing is believing…try it out!

How it works

Vibes’ upgraded Wallet Manager is easy to use, easy to manage and allows marketers to build and customize their mobile wallet loyalty content in real time.

It's easier than ever for retailers to connect with their loyal customers via mobile. Here are five simple steps — and benefits — of a mobilized loyalty program:

  • • Digitize: Eliminate plastic loyalty cards stored on key chains. This allows retailers to build closer connections with their customers and increases the loyalty program’s relevancy and usability.

  • • Personalize: Develop unique content that directly engages target consumers. Give them access to their personalized information such as account numbers and real-time loyalty point balance, while also delivering specific offers that meet their unique needs, demands and preferences.

  • • Localize: Distribute timely content through geo-location and beacon technology. Alert customers about their loyalty cards when they are nearby stores or in shopping aisles.

  • • Customize: Manage all content, branding and loyalty customer information on mobile wallet loyalty cards in real time to provide dynamic mobile loyalty experiences.

  • • Communicate: Engage consumers by sending them relevant content such as rewards, certificates, points and content updates and exclusive redemption reminders. This improves the overall loyalty program experience.

Mobilize your loyalty program today!

If you’re ready to mobilize your brand’s loyalty program with Google Wallet & Apple’s Passbook, contact us.