Leveraging Personalization for Your Business



Think of the large amount of emails from brands crowding your inbox. Some are addressed specifically to you with offers based on your past purchases, and others are not.

You are more likely to respond to the emails that are personalized based on your profile and habits, and your customers would feel the same.

When it comes to mobile marketing, personalization can make the difference between consumers ignoring your brand and those that are truly engaged. By leveraging customer and shopping data, behavioral tendencies, and location data only mobile can provide, you can truly deliver an engaging experience for each and every individual.

Why Personalization Matters to Your Brand

So how do you build trust? By creating value. The more attention you pay to your customer’s behavior, the more relevant the experience will be to your most valuable assets, your customers.



Know Your Customer

By understanding every customer in each and every context, you can create a truly personalized experience no matter which way they like to engage on their mobile phones: SMS, push, mobile wallet, or messaging apps. By seamlessly combining customer historical shopping behaviors with location and contextual information, personalized messages are delivered to your customer at the right moment, when they are ready to engage.

Once you determine those data points that drive an effective, engaging conversation for each and every customer, you have unlocked the secret to higher customer revenue.

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