Getting to Know Your Customers



The How and Why of 1:1 Data

Your customers don’t deserve to be treated like one broad group. Each customer has his or her own preference for how they interact with your brand, and the experience they want.

To achieve that experience, it means taking a look at valuable data you have access to and assessing how it can be used to drive an engaging, 1:1 mobile experience that will lead to higher conversion rates, and ultimately greater revenue.

Whether you drive engagement on the Web, through email, or via mobile, data is at the heart of how to deliver the experience consumers demand. There are four categories of data that help fuel the right engagement: customer, purchase, contextual, and location. Using these various combinations, marketers can suggest similar products to those a consumer has purchased, provide engaging call to actions based on web sites visited, or drive conversions by promoting localized offers based on proximity to a store.

All of the above examples shape how you treat each and every one of your consumers, but it’s not just about engaging at the right moment. It’s about ensuring offers are dynamic enough to drive higher conversions. For example, someone who has never bought from you might need more of an incentive than someone who is a frequent buyer.


Improving Success

Measuring the lift from your personalization efforts is key to identifying your best customers and revenue potential.

Over time, you will learn a lot from your campaign results and what drives consumer interest in your brand. You may find that sending offers via mobile wallet drive higher conversions than an SMS offer. Or increasing the frequency of push notifications to two a week sees more redemptions than once a week.

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