Why Traditional Personalization No Longer Works



In the past, personalization meant adding a first name to an email and not much more. Modern personalization now puts the customer at the center. Why? Consumers own the interactions they want with their favorite brands on their own time. This means brands must take not only the incentive and offer into consideration, but also the device and channels consumers are engaging on.

What Makes for a Successful Mobile Campaign?
Now that you’re getting to know your consumers, you want to maximize your marketing dollars by delivering the highest value through personalized messaging.

The key to personalizing your mobile marketing content is to optimize which mobile messaging channel to use, and what offer will best appeal to each individual.

Provides the opportunity for mobile consumers to open and engage with your app right when they most expect it—such as when when a consumer viewed a particular product in the app or the consumer is within proximity to your store

Perfect for delivering discounts and promotions that can be read on the go. These types of offers can be personalized for maximum redemption based on a shopper’s past activity and purchase behavior, and are all accessible in the palm of a consumer’s hand

Allows you to send offer or promotion messages right to a mobile user’s home screen, driving higher open rates than typical promotions

Align Content with the Buyer Journey

The final component to this formula is the content you create. At each stage in the buyer journey, your customer has different content needs. For example, someone in the awareness stage may want more informative content than someone who is ready to buy. Personalization allows you to tailor the content that makes the most sense during each stage of the buyer journey.


Examples of Brands That Inspire

With aggressive repeat-purchase campaigns, Starbucks is able to successfully generate revenue from its app in ways traditional marketing approaches can’t.

Users of its app are presented with “Recommended for You” products, as well as given the opportunity to “try on” makeup with its Virtual Artist feature.

Pitfalls in Personalization

While we’ve looked at what to do to reach your audience through the most appropriate mobile channel, there are things to consider not to do:

  • Don’t prioritize marketing messages over consumer experiences
  • Don’t put business needs before consumer’s needs
  • Don’t irritate consumers with an experience based on “lazy” data (promoting product a customer already bought)

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