Personalization Leads to Revenue



Once you choose your mobile channels and start personalizing the content to send to your audience, you need to know if your efforts are paying off.

What to Measure

When it comes to mobile personalization, there are four metrics you should look at:

The first two metrics provide a guiding light to whether you’re on track with your personalization strategy. While you want to see an increase in things like mobile subscriber base, push notification taps, mobile wallet installs, and time spent engaging with a brand, these lift measures are by nature tactical to measure whether consumers are responding to your personalization efforts. Ultimately, you want to see ROI with your marketing efforts, that’s where the other two metrics come into play. If you see a boost in average order value and/or purchase volume, you know your personalization efforts are succeeding.


Measuring Online and Offline Success

For most brick-and-mortar retailers, leveraging mobile to increase store visits is one of the biggest goals. Using location-based data, you can not only target customers who live within X miles from one of your stores, but can also personalize your messaging based on their activities and interests. By measuring conversion rates of mobile users and their subsequent in-store purchases, this can track not only the connection between mobile shoppers and their in-store experience but also whether you are able to accelerate in-store revenue.

The Power of the Mobile Engagement Platform

Measuring your personalized mobile marketing campaigns starts with the right platform. Vibes' Mobile Engagement Platform not only allows you to create the right mobile engagement for personalization and segmentation, but it also provides a rich understanding of campaign performance—providing an ever-evolving picture of your most successful customers engaging with your brand.

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