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Leveraging Chatbots in Conversational Commerce

Customer service has reached an interesting junction: predictive data + messaging apps.

Coined “conversational commerce,” this new era of interaction between brands and consumers is heavily reliant on chatbots using artificial intelligence. The wonderful thing about chatbots is their ability to learn a user’s conversational preference to predict what will best engage them based on how they are communicating in real-time.

A benefit of chatbots is that they operate within existing apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat, which means that consumers don’t have to leave the app to make a purchase or get a pressing question answered.

Purchases are Just a Voice Command Away

Another noteworthy trend in the land of personalization is the voice technology that allows devices like an Amazon Echo to make a purchase with a simple voice command, “Alexa, order more paper towels.”

Beyond smart home devices, voice search is growing in popularity on mobile devices, which gives retailers the opportunity to appear in top results, either through heavy search engine optimization or mobile search advertising.


Emojis Help Personalize That Customer Relationship

Cute smiley faces and hearts have moved beyond accessories in personal texts into the realm of branding

Using emojis can make a retailer’s SMS offer or push notification stand out from the rest. In fact, emoji-enabled content generates click-through rates 20x higher than the industry standard. As we move into the realm of personalized emojis, we expect these rates to go even higher.

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