6 Steps to Becoming a Mobile Marketing Rockstar

It can be challenging to create a mobile marketing strategy when you’re not sure about how to even get started. But what if we can ease the unknown by providing you with a 6-step plan and detailed worksheet to build a rocking strategy that helps you get internal buy-in? Scroll down below to learn the steps.

Are You Ready to Rock?

There are 6 essential strategies required for you to become a mobile marketing rockstar.
make band
1. Put together a band
Get buy-in from key stakeholders
2. Learn how to play with channels
Identify which mobile channels best fit your brand's needs
3. Practice
Leverage SMS + MMS to take it to base level!
4. Practice, and more practice!
Step up your music score with Mobile Wallet & Push Notifications
5. Craft your [music] campaign & share
Connect at the right time, right place with the right message
6. Listen and act on your data
Gain actionable insights and deliver real-time updates to customers

1. Put together a band!


Give stakeholders what they want: acquisition & revenue

Position your mobile marketing program in the best possible light to get approved by those in charge.  

Overcome pain points with mobile marketing

Typical pain points Vibes see from leading brands are:
  • Low conversions through email programs
  • Not enough ROI from marketing campaigns
  • Reduction in basket size
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Set goals & objectives for mobile success

Here are some examples of the type of quantitative objectives you can set for your mobile campaigns:
  • Grow subscriber base by 30% over 6 months
  • Increase engagement CTR by 20% in 90 days
  • Drive incremental revenue by 2x per subscriber

Identify specific mobile metrics to drive ROI

Mobile marketing is measurable and don't believe others who tell you otherwise. A simple starter metric is to grow your subscriber base. One technique, for example, is to acquire users with in-store signage, offering timely incentives at the point of purchase.

Address the costs of getting started with mobile

What are the costs you need to take into consideration when getting started with mobile? Create a detailed budget that includes costs for:
  • Platform, operational set-up and training with a mobile marketing provider
  • SMS and MMS volume
  • Sweepstakes
  • Promotional signage
Bonus material
Find out what gaps exist between what consumers want from brands and what is being offered to them.

2. Learn how to play with channels

So many mobile channels, so little time!
Before we dive into your options for mobile marketing, consider your current marketing efforts.
  • What strategies and channels are you using to connect with your audience?
  • Which channels do your customers prefer to interact with you on?
  • Who is your customer?

Having a firm grasp of your customer demographics is key to determining which mobile channels are most appropriate to engage them.


3. Practice

How to be an SMS + MMS marketing rockstar

Nearly everyone with a mobile phone has access to text messaging, making it a wonderful channel for connecting with your audience.

SMS is one of the most effective ways to reach mobile users. Did you know that on average, it takes 90 minutes to respond to an email compared to 90 seconds to respond to an SMS?

What they’re best for:
  • Notification of sales and promotions
  • Confirmation of purchase
  • Order tracking

A retailer launched an aggressive mobile campaign over a holiday weekend to grow its mobile database, and did just that by more than 300,000 subscribers in just three days.

4. Practice, and more practice!

Engage your audience with Mobile Wallet & Push Notifications

Mobile Wallet: today’s mobile wallet does so much more than allow consumers to pay from their smartphone. It’s also an excellent loyalty program booster: shoppers can save loyalty card data in their mobile wallets, eliminating the need for a plastic card.

What they’re best for:
  • Customized offers for loyalty members
  • Special promotions and coupons
  • Event management (ticket storage and event updates)

Push Notifications: when a mobile user hears a ping on their phone, they are trained to respond. Push notifications create a sense of urgency, getting customers to respond to deals and offers faster than any other channel.

What they’re best for:
  • News and updates on mobile app or special offers
  • App re-engagement or cart abandonment
  • Service notifications after purchasing in-app

5. Craft your [music] campaign & share

Connect at the right time, right place with the right message

Adapt and react to customer preferences by creating relevant, timely and location-aware communications across channels and devices.

Whether you use SMS, MMS, push notifications, or mobile wallet—or a combination of them—you’re on the right track to better engaging your customers using mobile marketing.

These channels can be used for a variety of mobile campaigns:
  • Drive in-store sales by texting a coupon to be redeemed at purchase
  • Create in-store signage to get customers to opt-in via SMS
  • Send special offers to drive traffic to your mobile website

6. Listen to your data


Mobile’s got all the metrics you need - now you can act on it

One advantage to mobile marketing is how trackable it is. Where billboards and television commercials are difficult to directly tie to revenue, mobile is made for attribution. Every time you run a campaign, you can look at the data to assess results, and then use that data to influence future campaigns for even better results.

Grow subscribers

  • Total active subscribers
  • Opt-in %
  • Monthly growth

Increase engagement

  • CTR
  • Wallet install %
  • Past 90 day engagement
  • Frequency of engagement
  • Broadcast opt-out %

Expand loyalty

  • Retention %
  • Tenure
  • Lifetime value

Drive revenue

  • Total incremental revenue from SMS
  • Incremental revenue per subscriber
  • % of incremental revenue
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