Actionable Steps to Mobilize Loyalty Acquisition

Join us for a webinar at 1pm CDT on May 3

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As a brand marketer you know that loyalty programs are a must to create customer-first experiences aimed at increasing customer lifetime value and revenue. But what are the steps required to begin mobilizing your loyalty programs, and how can you align the in-store and digital experience to provide your customers with the best possible brand experience?

Join Vibes’ mobile loyalty expert, Matt McKenna, for a 30-min webinar to learn tips & tricks on how you can take your loyalty program to the next level.
During this webinar, Matt will discuss:

  • The benefits of digitizing your loyalty strategy
  • Actionable steps to mobilize your loyalty programs using mobile technology that is present on all smartphones
  • How to incentivize and acquire customers both online and offline to grow your mobile database
  • The ways you can leverage Apple Wallet and Google Pay to onboard members at any point of sale without lengthy forms


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