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Burning issues for 2014

But payment isn’t the only trend in mobility. Phones can also use mobile wallets to store coupons and loyalty cards.…

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Convenience Store Decisions

An antidote to showrooming

“The antidote to showrooming is creating contextually relevant and personalised mobile experiences that motivate and…

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Brand E-Biz

Showrooming up 156%

Brick and mortar businesses are feeling the sting of showrooming. Showrooming, where shoppers in a retail store use…

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The showroom showdown

Showrooming, defined as using a brick-and-mortar store as a showroom to browse and then purchase from a competitor for…

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Website Magazine

Is showrooming for real?

According to this article, it absolutely is. Vibes’ second annual mobile consumer report, “Combat Showrooming with…

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OmniChannel Retailing

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