One Year Of Chatbots: What We Learned And What’s Next

This is a snippet of a contributed article by our co-founder and CIO Alex Campbell that originally appeared in MediaPost. Read the full article here.

Interest in chatbots has skyrocketed since Facebook announced it would support bots on Messenger at F8 in 2016. In the 12 months since then, chatbots have certainly dealt with some growing pains, but they’ve also given us a glimpse into a future where automation and artificial intelligence streamline the customer experience.

At this year’s F8, Facebook made it clear it is doubling down on chatbots with a series of announcements. While there is still plenty of skepticism out there about chatbots, I’m still bullish on them, especially with one of the world’s largest companies throwing their weight behind them.

In fact, I believe chatbots will be pervasive for brands in three years. Click to tweet. Here’s why:

Read the rest of the article at MediaPost.


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