Season 2 of The Vibe Podcast Is Here

4 new episodes of insights around what it means to be a marketing pioneer for building engaging experiences that meet the expectations of today's consumers

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We are delighted to share the launch of Season 2 of The Vibe podcast for your listening pleasure. Like Season 1 (episodes 1 - 4), we're bringing listeners the latest insights around what it means to be a marketing pioneer for building engaging experiences that meet the expectations of today's consumers.

Season 2 launches today, May 4th, with four new episodes and features an incredible cast of powerhouse women who have had their hands in everything from sports marketing to CPG. It's a season listeners won't want to miss.

This season of The Vibe, hosted by our Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Alex Campbell, focuses on what "meeting the customer where they are" means across a variety of industries, providing listeners with ideas and inspiration for how to take their brand to the next level and become an innovative leader in their respective spaces.

We kick Season 2 off with a conversation with Lauren Loehr, Director of Social Media & Influencer Marketing at Arhaus. The first episode "Using Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Tell the Story Behind a Brand", dives into how great social media and influencer marketing helps to connect brands with their consumers, and the significant difference between traditional advertising and how to build partnerships with influencers.

Episode two, "The Importance of Transparency When Approaching Customer Data and Security" features Laura Luckman Kelber, Chief Marketing Officer at Double Good, who talks with Alex about the tech space, transparency and data security, the difference between apps and websites, and what marketing was like in the pre-email era.

In episode three, "How to Improve Digital Strategies to Enhance a Sports Fan's Experience", Kate Denton, VP of Brand Marketing at Indiana Pacers Sports & Entertainment, chats with Alex about the impact COVID-19 had on her industry, its potential benefits, and how sports marketers can leverage the metaverse and technology to invite larger audiences to support their favorite teams and players.

The fourth and final episode of the season, "How to Choose the Right Channels to Tell Your Brand Story and Build Customer Relationships", with Jenny Fernandez, VP of Marketing at Loacker, dives into why storytelling is vital in marketing and the role of data in today's business world. Plus, Alex and Jenny have a discussion about the difference between marketing teams in large companies and startups.

We invite you to follow The Vibe podcast here or wherever you listen.

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