1:1 text message marketing is helping Zaxby's become a household name

The Company

Opening in 1990 – Zaxby’s is a premier chain of fast casual restaurants offering chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads. The chain operates primarily in the Southern United States, and has more than 900 locations, with most owned by franchisees and 123 corporate-owned locations.


The CompanyThe Company

The Challenge

Expanding swiftly beyond their southern roots, Zaxby’s hit a stride in store and revenue growth (Zaxby’s has opened almost 300 locations since working with Vibes). Prior to moving to Vibes, Zaxby’s saw their SMS strategy as complimentary to their larger marketing strategy, where franchisees could periodically send messages to customers who happened to opt-in to their text message campaigns.

Vibes and Zaxby’s took on the challenge of awakening a sleeping giant – and turning Zaxby’s SMS program into a true ROI-manufacturing machine.

The ChallengeThe Challenge

The Solution

Launch strategic national and local SMS campaigns to drive daily traffic and scale their mobile database.

Vibes helped Zaxby’s reach their national audience using SMS, but also enabled franchisees to reach local markets, and for the first time, introduce unique offers from franchise-owned locations using Tier 1 mobile messaging.

With each franchisee having their own SMS opt-in, owners could:

  • Drive traffic on slower days
  • Send limited time offers using mobile pages
  • Promote new menu items with scheduled, localized SMS campaigns.
The SolutionThe Solution

Zaxby’s can reach both a national and local audience using the Vibes platform

The Result 

Since partnering with Vibes, Zaxby’s is moving up and to the right. By utilizing both national and local SMS sends with Vibes, and including more enticing offers through SMS, Zaxby’s accelerated their mobile database growth and it continues to climb.

So what’s next for 2020?

Zaxby’s is ripe for continued success with Vibes – their substantial database growth comes just in time for the national launch of their new POS loyalty system, where in the future, Zaxby’s can send Vibes mobile wallet offers through an SMS message, open a new 1:1 communication channel with customers, track redemptions and update offers in real-time, and send location-based offer notifications when customers are near their preferred store.


Together, Zaxby’s and Vibes conquered mobile during a surge in business – and opened new doors to the future of mobile marketing.¬†
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