Our Mission

For brands to realize the value of building and nurturing personal consumer relationships and optimizing their digital marketing through intelligent mobile engagement

Our Core Values

  • Respect, honesty and integrity for all stakeholders

    We value people the most. We’re committed to building and nurturing strong, positive relationships with our customers and employees.

  • Relentless focus on the customer

    Our focus is your success. Helping our customers achieve exceptional results is central to everything we do and every decision that we make.

  • Create value

    Making a difference matters. We are wholly committed to having an ongoing, positive impact on our customers’ business and within our community.

  • Never be satisfied

    Good is never good enough. We continuously push ourselves to be better in every way to ensure your ongoing success.

  • Always be learning

    Knowledge is essential. Our insatiable curiosity and thirst for answers fuel our continuous commitment to learning, growing and improving.

  • Seek accountability and ownership

    We empower our people. Each individual at Vibes is encouraged to fulfill their potential, lead by example, and strive for personal excellence.

Innovation, creativity and excellence are the foundation of our culture. Our open and vibrant office space cultivates collaboration and big ideas. Ongoing education and training ensure employees continue to scale their expertise, skills, and professional growth. As an organization, we live and breathe our core values, and they inspire everything we do.

Our Team

  • Jack Philbin Co-Founder & CEO

    Jack Philbin is Vibes’ co-founder and CEO. With over 20 years in mobile, Jack is one of the industry’s premier thought leaders and currently spearheads Vibes' strategic direction as the leading provider of mobile engagement technology.

  • Alex Campbell Co-Founder & CIO

    Alex Campbell is one of the company’s co-founders as well as Chief Innovation Officer. For over 20 years, Alex has helped shape mobile marketing both within the company as well as the industry.

  • Brian Garofola Chief Technology Officer

    Brian Garofola is the Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the discovery, development, and operations of the Vibes Platform. Brian has been building SaaS products platforms for 20 years.

  • Richard Rivera Chief Revenue Officer

    Richard Rivera oversees sales, service, marketing and operations as Chief Revenue Officer. He is focused on elevating the vision, mission and identity of Vibes as a mobile engagement solutions platform.

  • Charley Cassell Chief Financial Officer

    Charley Cassell has overseen finance and business operations at Vibes as Chief Financial Officer for over 12 years. He holds over 25 years of experience helping tech companies grow and scale.

  • Shaunagh Vollmer SVP of Talent & Development

    Shaunagh Vollmer serves as Vice President of Talent & Division, where she empowers employees to do their best work by establishing the optimal intersection between people and technology.ㅤ

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