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Conversational Analytics

Use Conversational Analytics to forecast audience growth, predict churn, and elicit meaningful brand conversations

Consumers seek convenient personalization during brand interaction. Brands who approach this need with a built-for-all strategy will struggle to establish growing revenue and loyalty. While the ones who meet consumers with relevant engagement will see immense growth in the age of “1:1”. To establish yourself as an engagement leader, rely on the power of Conversational Analytics to deliver you the insights needed to scale meaningful brand conversations and capture elusive ROI—while helping you forecast audience growth, and predict customer churn.

Welcome a new type of mobile consumer insights

Create rich customer experiences based on their preferences

Conversational Analytics uses sentiment analysis to identify whether single brand interactions were positive, negative or neutral. Now you can build loyalty by rewarding customers who engage positively with your brand or create automated responses to send help to customers experiencing a negative brand interaction.

Increase purchasing by issuing the ideal content

Conversational Analytics picks up on certain entities in text like quantities relating to price, identifying the difference in products, or feedback regarding your organization. Use these to understand patterns in audience response and reward them with content or offers that drives purchasing.

Provide a solution to your audiences’ unanswered questions

69% of consumers said that SMS is a convenient way for companies to provide updates. Using transactional messaging, customers may respond to your updates with, “Show me more,” “I need help,” or “When does this offer expire?” With Conversational Analytics, you can locate key phrases in your audiences’ text, identify their specific need, and send information that helps them reach their goals.

Deliver customers what they want with help from AI

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Refine your strategy based on positive brand insights

Understanding the psychology of what triggers consumer purchasing or sustained loyalty is a hefty advantage. Conversational Analytics brings you buckets of insight into how consumers’ feel about your brand messaging—helping you identify and double-down on programs, campaigns, and events that drive positive response and revenue.

Predicting audience growth with trustworthy insight

Vibes Advanced Analytics paints a clear picture of the action your audience takes after receiving a message: CTR, open rates, Wallet Pass installs and much more. Now, combined with Conversational Analytics, you can start to understand why certain messaging triggers your audience to walk into your store, redeem offers and spend.

Become proactive in responding to customer churn

Understand what your customers are saying in response to your personalized content, offers, or rewards. Conversational Analytics picks up on customers who remain indifferent to your messaging, or show signs of displeasure, allowing you to prepare a strategy that appropriately engages customers and turns what would be churn, into retention.
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