Brown-Forman is one of nation’s largest sprit and wine companies, owning iconic brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve and Southern Comfort. Vibes works with Brown-Forman to create mobile strategies that excite and delight their consumers and build their brand.


The Jack Daniel’s brand team is known for launching some of the nation’s most recognizable sponsorships and sweepstakes like Honey Hysteria in support of the NCAA March Madness and the Sala Siete concert series. To build on past successes, their team sought to increase engagement and create better user experiences for their branded programs through mobile activation.


The Jack Daniel’s brand team chose Vibes as their partner to launch a variety of entertaining mobile engagements and sweepstakes through interactive Text-2-Win campaigns to drive deeper engagement with consumers. These campaigns were created and executed within the Vibes Catapult platform.

In addition to using text message marketing to power sweepstakes and sponsorships, the Jack Daniel’s team saw mobile wallet (Apple’s Passbook & Google Wallet) as an opportunity to enhance their concert experiences with mobile tickets. In March 2014, the Jack Daniel’s team debuted mobile wallet ticketing for their Sala Siete concert series. This allowed the Brown-Forman brand to move away from expensive paper ticketing and provide additional convenience for concert attendees. The Vibes account team worked with the brand to manage more than 12,000 mobile ticket requests – with thousands of attendees using their mobilized ticket for admission at the door!




Brown-Forman has seen a tremendous boost in engagement and participation in their marketing programs. The 2014 Honey Hysteria campaign received over 16,000 unique participants through text call-to-actions, with over 9,000 of those consumers opting in to receive on-going text communications from the Jack Daniel’s brand. This illustrates the effectiveness of mobile sweepstakes to convert one-time participants into engaged brand loyalists.

Rolling out mobile wallet tickets for the Sala Siete concert series was a game changer for Brown-Forman. With strong results, the brand was able to validate a more cost-effective solution for event ticketing and provide attendees with an innovative and easy-to-use mobile experience.