Pep Boys is the nation’s leading automotive aftermarket service and retail chain with more than 7,500 service bays in over 800 locations in 35 states and Puerto Rico. Pep Boys chose Vibes as their partner to help create a holistic mobile marketing strategy to drive engagement with Pep Boys’ most valuable customers.


Pep Boys understood the need to be where their customers are – and that is mobile. In order to innovate in the ever-changing mobile space, Pep Boys needed a partner with expertise and technology.


Vibes worked with Pep Boys to develop a mobile strategy that ties into Pep Boys’ entire customer journey. Because a strong mobile database is the foundation of a successful mobile strategy, Vibes worked to build a robust mobile acquisition program. Once a customer is part of the mobile database, they receive timely SMS alerts that contain exclusive offers and branded content.

In addition to SMS marketing, Pep Boys creates more interactive brand experiences through the activation of mobile wallet. Pep Boys was one of the first auto service brands in the country to mobilize their offers. This allows Pep Boys customers to text in and save offers to Apple Wallet or Android Pay. When offers are in a mobile wallet, Pep Boys has the ability to remind customers of offers using push notifications, target based on GPS location, and send updates for offer content.



Mobile has opened up new engagement and innovation opportunities for Pep Boys. These mobile experiences not only excite and delight their loyal customers with fun mobile content, they also drive real business results. Activating Pep Boys’ email marketing with a mobile call-to-action has led to substantial mobile database growth.

With an audience hungry for mobile experiences, Pep Boys has seen tremendous success with mobile wallet. All of their mobile wallet campaigns have boasted high “save to phone” and redemption rates, which have generated incremental revenue for Pep Boys.

Since Pep Boys kicked off their mobile wallet program in April 2014:

  • 26% of customers who viewed a Pep Boys offer on Apple Wallet added that offer to the native app
  • Only 0.8% of customers who added a Pep Boys offer to Apple Wallet, ended up removing the offer
  • 30% of all Pep Boys mobile wallet offers (both Apple Wallet and Android Pay) that were added to mobile wallets, were redeemed in-store.