The Sauza “Make It With a Cowboy” campaign delivered an in-store, integrated mobile marketing campaign that aimed to drive brand awareness of their sparkling margarita product. Through a fun and immersive digital experience that leverages multi-screen interactions between tablet and smartphone, consumers interact directly with the brand, which ultimately drove sampling of the product as well as an increased purchase rate of Sauza sparkling and family of products.


Sauza wanted to provide consumers with a fun brand interaction that was quick and beneficial, but also seamless in its delivery method so it felt conversational and not intrusive. The use of SMS was chosen to quickly send users a message that allowed them to pair their own device with the digital experience on the tablet in the store.


In order to meet the objectives of increased brand interaction and sales, Sauza worked with Vibes to create the interactive “Make it with a Cowboy” campaign.

Vibes created an interactive campaign across multiple online and offline touchpoints (in-store, social and web). The “Make it with a Cowboy” campaign uses rich HTML5 to create native app-like experience inside a mobile browser. As a result, users did not need to install an app to have the mobile experience.

The “Lasso it up with a Cowboy” game uses a number of cutting edge technologies including HTML5 video, AJAX and WebSockets to create a seamless phone to tablet experience. Consumers enter their mobile number on the tablet or desktop experience to get access to their lasso sent to the phone via SMS. After receiving a link to the lasso on their mobile device, they activate the desktop site to begin the game. Consumers toss the lasso from their phone to try to “rope” a Sauza Sparkling Margarita bottle. Consumers can play the game at Sauza sampling events or at home.

The “Make a Poster With a Cowboy” game allows users to select from a variety of unique cowboy photos that they can customize with user-generated text to create a digital composite resembling a “Wanted!” poster from the old west.

In addition, mobile wallet was utilized for instant rebates and for “mail in” rebates. Consumers can now complete the rebate through their mobile devices by filling out their information and uploading a picture of their receipt.

Facebook and Twitter sharing capabilities allowed the experience to have legs beyond the on-site sampling events and extend to consumers who could stumble upon the mobile site by looking at their Facebook and Twitter feeds.



Sauza found that their consumers were excited and delighted by the fun and interactive games. The “Make It With a Cowboy” campaign is popular because consumers can interact and learn about Sauza’s sparkling margarita offerings across multiple online and offline touchpoints (in-store, social, .com). In addition, digitizing the mail-in rebates and utilizing mobile wallet for instant rebates helps increase ease of purchase for product trial.