Holiday Lookbook

How Leading Brands are Paving
the Way in Mobile Engagement

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Generate More Customers, Sales and Loyalty this Holiday Season

It doesn’t take an expert to recognize the opportunity the holiday months offer store owners and retailers. Consumers’ expectations of brands are higher than ever before. Brands need to provide mobile experiences that are relevant, useful, and exciting.

To be successful this holiday season, brands must define what consumer actions are considered successful to their business, then apply that information to their marketing strategy. Delivering timely and relevant messages to the right consumer will keep them coming back for more throughout the year.

Our 2017 Mobile Holiday Lookbook was designed specifically to highlight specific use cases of innovative mobile wallet holiday campaigns all in easy-to-launch packages that can be implements in time for the holidays.

Download the Lookbook to learn

  • New mobile consumer data
  • The latest holiday mobile programs from Redbox, Home Depot, PetSmart, & Polo
  • Benchmark results from innovative mobile holiday programs


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