Mobile Delivers the Secure, Reliable and Timely Experience Patients Need from Healthcare Providers.

The HIPAA compliant and Unified Vibes Mobile Messaging Platform enables providers to use PHI to reach patients over their preferred communication channel and ensure messages are seen and acted on; keeping users informed and aware.
Effortlessly reach patients through their mobile device with critical information to complete ongoing healthcare tasks.

Allow the Vibes Unified Mobile Messaging Platform to HIPAA compliantly deliver automated messages across key mobile channels that ensure seamless communication at scale.

Keep Patients Updated On How You Drive Successful Outcomes

Increase awareness of products and value-add services with relevant content that captures patient attention
  • Automated and HIPAA compliant SMS keeps users up to date and informed on new offerings and services
  • Individualized and secure Mobile Wallet Insurance and Identification cards to expand your digital reach
  • Improved patient value-ad-services (VAS) like appointment reminders and promotions using Mobile Wallet automation
  • Promotional Push Notifications and App Inbox Messaging for ongoing product and service awareness campaigns

Health Retail Loyalty Enrollments, App Downloads and Activation

Grow app downloads and loyalty sign-ups using automated product and service awareness campaigns that patients see and act on
  • Easy one-tap mobile messaging enrollments and check-ins upon patient visit
  • Event-driven Optimized SMS-messaging welcome streams to drive users to your app
  • Relevant and personalized content to App, SMS, MMS, and Mobile Wallet to ensure patient retention
  • Automated Mobile Wallet health retail offers and loyalty to increase engagement and offer conversions

Pre, Post and In-Service Patient Engagement

Timely mobile messages such as appointment reminders, prescription updates, and other notifications that use PHI in a HIPAA compliant manner to remove gaps in patient communication
  • Automated mobile SMS/MMS appointment, prescription, and seasonal reminder messages
  • Mobile Curbside pharmacy pickup notifications
  • Push and App Inbox messaging for post-appointment follow ups, notes, and surveys

Ongoing Healthcare Lifestyle Informational Engagement

Mobile informational messages, health notifications, personalized reminders and lifestyle content to enhance patient health and brand affinity
  • Timely SMS/MMS and Push seasonal health reminder notifications
  • Ongoing health news and information stored in App Inbox
  • Private and secure Push and App inbox physician messages