Mobile Inspires and Activates Loyalty by Connecting Travel to Seamless Brand Experiences.

Utilize the power of Vibes Unified Mobile to make every hospitality touchpoint and travel journey memorable and rewarding.
Make Every Customer a Loyal Traveler with Personalized, Rewarding and Seamless Experiences Pre to Post Travel.

Allow the Vibes Unified Mobile Messaging Platform to enroll, inform, activate and reward loyal travelers with the right mobile channel at the right time, with the right content.

Marketing Travel Services and Products to Increase Awareness and Revenue

Relevant, promotional content, incentives, and calls-to-action that motivate the consumer to book travel, purchase additional upgrades, and enroll in loyalty or credit card programs.
  • Mobile SMS incentives and MMS promotional travel messages
  • Push and App Inbox messaging for ongoing travel communication about itinerary, insurance, and rewards
  • Personalized, dynamic, and persistent Mobile Wallet updates for tickets, reservations, and loyalty cards
  • Travel value-ad-services (VAS) like promotion updates using Mobile Wallet automation

Loyalty Enrollments, App Downloads and Activation

App download incentives, loyalty content, and mobile wallet offers that increase enrollment and conversions
  • Easy one-tap loyalty enrollments online or at check-in
  • Automated travel incentives to drive Mobile App downloads
  • Persistent loyalty rewards and offers issued through easy-to-use Mobile Wallet
  • Personalized behavior-driven travel content delivered through to App, SMS, MMS, and Mobile Wallet

Pre, Post and In-Travel Customer Engagement

Timely mobile messages from trip notification to service promotions, easy check-in enrollments and services to improve the travel experience
  • Mobile SMS and app booking confirmations and alerts
  • Behavior-based SMS and Mobile Wallet trip itinerary notifications
  • One-tap Mobile Wallet check-in and enrollment
  • Automated trip upgrade incentives

Create Lasting Engagement from Web Browsers

Grow user sign-ups for recurring mobile messaging updates during the booking or check-in process
  • Triggered SMS, MMS, or Push reminders to complete bookings or check-ins
  • Automated segmentation to keep users informed on travel process and promotions based on their engagement behaviors
  • Convenient chatbot or customer care support through SMS to resolve questions regarding booking or check-in status