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Industry Insights: How Chipotle Sets the Precedent in Mobile

This PowWow session is brought to you by Vibes’ own VP of Customer Success, Joel Powell. These sessions are a bit different than our usual webinars—think more of a relaxed fireside chat. We will dig deep into questions and answers of specific examples any digital marketer would want to know about running effective and innovative mobile campaigns.

This month, Joel will be joined by Michael Wade, VP of Sales at Vibes and Kam Bozich, Senior Digital Marketing Technology Manager at Chipotle.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • The state of the mobile industry - Get insights into where the mobile industry is today, and how you can take advantage of where it’s going
  • How Chipotle has become a leader in the mobile marketing space by leveraging mobile wallet and text messaging
  • How your brand can leverage mobile and integrate these winning methods into your existing marketing strategy

Burritos are amazing, and so is the chance to hear from mobile marketing experts, so make sure you save your spot now to learn about the state of the mobile industry.


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