Drive messaging from 3rd-party apps

The explosion of popular, easy-to-use messaging apps gives brands an opportunity to connect with customers in dynamic, creative ways.

RCS (Rich Communication Services)

Vibes provides an enhanced messaging form that gives consumers a more interactive app-like experience. Companies can brand RCS messages, include multirich media, offer suggested replies and actions, include QR code and act as a verified sender.

Open a URL

Customers can open a link in web browser, or, if there is a default app handler, deep links into that app (and uses that app’s icon in the button)

View a Map

Make it simple for customers to find their way. With a single tap customers get the convenience of opening a map at a pre-specified location.

Create a Calendar Event

Make adding events to calendar a snap. With one click customers can open a new event in calendar already pre-populated with details.

Dial a Phone Number

No dialing necessary. With one touch customers can open their phone’s dialer with the prespecificed number already entered.


platform-iconMessaging Apps

Create messages customers trust

Add a verified business checkmark, your full brand name instead of short code, and customize the message with your brand color and logo.   
platform-iconMessaging Apps

Make interacting with your messages more conversational

Use a chatbot to engage customers in pleasant, relevant and useful conversation, and add a suggested reply and suggested actions.
platform-iconMessaging Apps

Make your messages visually impactful

Add high resolution photos, videos, content cards in various sizes and carousels to your messages.

Measure your success

Get access to valuable metrics like proven delivery receipt and read receipts, including open-time.

Facebook Messenger

Using standard Facebook APIs, brands can create messages and links to Wallet Ads that will drive mobile experiences, right from within their social experiences.
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