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Mobile wallet is real and evolving rapidly. Apple Wallet & Android Pay are the future of mobile and digital marketing. You can activate email, SMS, ads and mobile web with mobile wallet content.

Everything you need to know about mobile wallet.

The launch of Apple’s Passbook & Google Wallet transformed the way brands, retailers and advertisers engage their customers. These mobile wallets make it easy to deliver offer, coupon and loyalty card content to a consumer base eager to receive it.

Does it work?

Yes. 66% of mobile wallet users are likely to save personalized mobile wallet offers and coupons. In addition to streamlining in-store payments, customers can save tickets, offers and loyalty cards to their phones.


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Perks for them.

People never have to worry about forgetting to bring offers and loyalty cards in-store ever again. Now, it’s all nicely and neatly organized on their phone.

Perks for you.

You’ll be armed with trackable, updatable and location-aware content that’s standardized by Apple and Google. This technology was designed to help you drive in-store visits, redemptions and ROI. And as your ROI rises, so will your brand perception.

Mobilize offers
& loyalty

Activate offers and loyalty cards in Apple Wallet & Android Pay and reap the benefits.

Consumers crave offers.

Consumer data tells us that nearly 6/10 consumers say their positive opinion of a retailer would increase if they delivered coupons and offers that could be saved on their phones. By allowing your customers to save coupons and offers to their mobile wallets, you can increase redemptions both online and in-store.


Mobilize loyalty.

A recent Forrester Research Inc.'s report revealed that saving loyalty cards to phones was the most desired mobile wallet consumer feature. Also, our own data reveals that 91% of people regularly participate in the loyalty programs they join. Let your members leave their plastic at home, in exchange for a digital version. They’ll thank you for it.


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Mobile Wallet advertising

People enjoy getting our Apple Wallet & Android Pay WalletAds

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Wallet ads turned Apple Wallet & Android Pay into the post-click destination for mobile ads, driving greater ROI for advertisers and brands. Vibes WalletAds integrates Apple Wallet & Android Pay into any mobile ad.

What exactly are WalletAds?

Vibes WalletAds let people 'tap and save' branded offers directly from your ads right to their mobile wallets.

The gift that keeps on giving

Vibes WalletAds let you send updates and notifications directly to consumers’ saved wallet content—time and location-triggered—reminding consumers of the offers they’ve saved when they’re near your store.

Apple and Android allow unlimited content updates of saved offers. 90% of mobile wallet offers are not deleted after they expire. This means you can continually refresh your in-market content with new offers, colors, codes, and more. This turns a one-time mobile offer into advertisers’ ultimate retargeting tool.


Everyone’s using Vibes WalletAds.

Vibes WalletAds has a rich ecosystem of leading partners, resellers and agencies, and a notable roster of major brand advertisers including: Honda, Adidas, Petco, HP, Dairy Queen, FedEx Office, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Firestone and more. Check out our press release.

Certified Partners

Growing ecosystem of agencies, advertisers and partners.

Agencies & advertisers

Vibes WalletAds “Save to Phone” functionality is being incorporated in mobile ad campaigns by leading brands and agencies.


Vibes has a network of tested/certified partners to provide inventory or full-service management of your Vibes WalletAds campaigns.

Vibes Wallet Manager

Our Platform has evolved alongside Apple and Google’s mobile wallets.

Vibes has become the platform of choice for mega brands looking to set up, launch and measure their mobile wallet campaigns. This gives marketers a holistic, full suite of mobile wallet capabilities to help them capitalize on mobile’s fastest growing channel.


Offer and loyalty card creation, design and location management for all mobile wallet content.


Activate virtually every online and offline channel with mobile wallet.


Boost conversions across email, social, SMS and mobile web by letting consumers save your offers to their Apple Wallet & Android Pay.


Wallet ROI

Having access to benchmark data and results is key to defining goals. Fortunately, mobile wallet has evolved to the point where these valuable metrics are available.

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Mobile wallet has transformed marketing results for our customers

Big Box Retailer
SMS Subscriber Acquisition Flow

+$2.2M in 3 mos
+$11M annually with mobile wallet


Mobile Coupons/Offer

+$1 million in 3 wks.
1/3 redeemed in-store
+$18 million in 8 mos.


Nationwide Mobile Game Activation

+1 M redemptions
+ $9 M in 3 wks.

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