Automatic Loyalty Enrollment

We are proud to announce Automatic Loyalty Enrollment a new capability that makes it even easier to enjoy the benefits of mobile loyalty.

Automatic Loyalty Enrollment
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How does it work?

With Automatic Loyalty Enrollment (ALE), brands activate a loyalty membership with a 1-step or 2-step process:

Through a point-of-sale terminal that supports Apple Pay and/or Google Smart Tap, the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform will manage all onboarding - integrating with a brand’s loyalty system, creating the loyalty card, and adding the card to newest member’s Apple Wallet or Android Pay app.

Delivered as a digital campaign (SMS, email, app notification and web), brands can send a smartlink to potential loyalty members and begin the activation process once the member clicks on the link. From there, the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform will manage the rest just as in the 1-step process.

How does this help increase loyalty?

First, by creating an onboarding process from the mobile phone, brands can easily activate new members without the hassle of lengthy enrollment forms. This reduces the enrollment time to merely seconds, so consumers can engage and reap the benefits of being a loyalty member sooner. Secondly, the member’s enrollment data will come directly from their device, eliminating poor member data quality.


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