TEST Build Deeper Engagement with Text Messaging

Text message marketing is instrumental to cutting through the noise and reaching consumers directly. Serving as an onramp to Wallet and driving higher email conversions, you can use text messaging to boost in-store revenue, increase average order size, and grow loyalty to inspire repurchase.


Add videos, photos and more

Add a fun interactive layer to the messages you deploy by using MMS to blast out out rich, vibrant and visual content like videos, photos and more.

Deliver post-click experiences

Keep customers interested by embedding URLs that redirect them to videos, product pages, mobile experiences and Mobile Wallet content.

Message with emojis 🤓

Go beyond words by including a fun emoji or two to infuse extra personality into your messages.

Test One

Brand Video

Add some content

Test One

Customer Experience

Add some content



Engage customers using their preferred channel

Customers prefer SMS: they respond to a text in 90 seconds vs. 90 minutes for email, and 98% of all text messages are opened vs. less than 20% for email.


Build your mobile database

Create or expand a mobile database that allows you to connect with customers.

Gain unparalleled reach to mobile customers

With text you can successfully reach nearly 100% of your mobile audience.

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Deliver rich experiences with MMS

Deliver a multimedia experience by taking standard text messaging to the next level.  

Drive loyalty with multichannel engagement

Mobile marketers can integrate SMS with Push and Mobile Wallet to create engaging mobile experiences and drive loyalty.

Leverage our direct integration with carriers

Vibes is a tier-1 SMS aggregator, which means you can send your text messages directly and reliably through all U.S. carriers.
Messaging Is Back

Mobile messaging is the number one trend that marketers cannot afford to ignore.

Vibes Aggregation

We provide enterprise-level SMS connectivity to all U.S. carriers for brands with high-volume, mission-critical SMS traffic. We combine messaging reliability, throughout and a single point of accountability to messaging aggregation. Our U.S.-based mobile team is available 24/7/365, experienced in both client and carrier connectivity, and are trained to resolve issues—not just file tickets.

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