Optimize Campaign Performance with Mobile-driven Insights

Advanced Analytics is a mobile performance management product designed for digital marketers to produce real-time, actionable intelligence of the mobile consumer across their buying journey. 

Mobile Analytics

With Vibes Analytics, you can manage and leverage your mobile data to its fullest potential to understand subscriber growth, engagement rates, expanding loyalty membership, and drive incremental revenue.

You can also combine third-party data from sources like:

  • Loyalty systems to activate or update loyalty memberships for digital
  • CRM to understand who your best customers are
  • POS to complete the dots between mobile campaigns and purchase

With the ability to import datasets, Advanced Analytics makes it easy to manage and gain actionable insights from your data. For instance, combine opt-in information from one database with redemption information from another to understand how many people that opted in actually took advantage of an offer.

Mobile AnalyticsMobile AnalyticsMobile Analytics


Audience Management

Unify consumer data within and across channels. You have the flexibility to choose how to manage, isolate and share data across your account for individualization and targeting.

Cloud Storage

All data is stored in the cloud for easy access and reporting. Pre-built analytics and transactional aggregations allows for high-speed queries.

Flexible Management Options

Data can be imported and exported from Vibes Audience Management via real-time, API and callbacks, or through batch files.

Identity Management

Easily map one identity across devices and mobile channels for a single view of the customer.



Create a unified view

Engage 1:1 with a single view of customer identity as opposed to several outlets for customer insights.

Predict customer actions

Use this holistic audience view to create individualized messaging based on purchase and mobile behaviors, loyalty status, and customer profiles.

Bring your existing data with you

Connect other third-party sources and data sets rapidly and easily.
Advanced Analytics
Get customized and configurable dashboards, visualizations, and insights to help you connect the dots between mobile behaviors and customers.
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