Conversational Analytics

Use NLP to deepen personalization, understand customer sentiment, and elicit meaningful conversations at scale.

Consumers seek convenience and personal interactions. Brands who approach this need with a one-size fits all strategy will struggle to establish growing revenue and loyalty; while brands who focus on the customer experience will capture elusive ROI.

Increase conversions with deeper mobile insights

Create rich customer experiences based on preferences

With sentiment analysis, you can identify whether interactions are positive, negative or neutral, and reward customers who engage positively or trigger support messages to resolve customer issues.

Increase purchasing by sharing useful content

Conversational Analytics picks up on certain entities in text like pricing inquiries, product comparisons, and customer feedback. Entities can be used to understand patterns in customer inquiries so that you can take action to respond with content that increases sales.

Answer customer questions in the messaging channel

Today, 81% of marketers’ compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. With key phrase extraction, you can identify customers’ needs and automate responses to help them reach their goals.

Give customers what they want with help from AI

Refine your strategy based on customer sentiment

Conversational Analytics brings you buckets of insight into how consumers feel about your brand messaging—helping you identify and double-down on programs, campaigns, and events that drive positive response and revenue.

Drive audience engagement with A/B testing

Combine Conversational Analytics’ insights with Advanced Analytics in-depth reporting to see how your audience responds to your messaging and exactly what actions they take afterwards.

Retain customers and keep them happy

Conversational Analytics picks up on customers who remain indifferent to your messaging, or show signs of displeasure, allowing you to prepare a strategy that appropriately engages customers and turns what would be churn, into retention.

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