Connect with Your Customers on Their Terms

Design campaigns that activate customers by engaging them through the right mobile channel, at the right time, at each stage of their journey using a single platform

Audience Acquisition Engine

Grow your mobile audience - fast. Subscribe customers to your mobile program through every online and offline customer touchpoint using Keyword, Tap-2-Join, SmartLink, QR Code, NFC, and API-based experiences

Intelligent Automation Messaging

Orchestrate the timely delivery of relevant, mobile messages based on each customer’s journey. Trigger personalized messages based on date, time, events, and customer behaviors to increase engagement and drive action

Campaign Manager

Create and publish campaigns for all your mobile channels in a single, intuitive user interface. As the hub of the Vibes platform, it’s where you’ll target your audiences, apply automation, and use our built-in controls to ensure compliance as you engage customers throughout the digital lifecycle


Delight your customers, while collecting zero-party data. Create promotions, quizzes, landing pages, and other experiences that are memorable, fun, and help you learn more about your customers to increase future personalization

Digital Loyalty Cards & Enrollment

Transform your loyalty program into a dynamic, digital engagement engine for your most valuable customers. From SMS/MMS messaging to Mobile Wallet, and app push notifications deliver the personal touch that stands out and keeps customers brand loyal

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