Maximize your marketing investment

Using our open APIs and prebuilt SDKs, you can connect to channels and systems like email, POS, loyalty platforms, and CRM — bringing mobile to all parts of a brand experience.

Bring the power of your data to mobile

Flexible Integration Options

Share data across systems by using methods that meet your organization’s needs, whether it’s leveraging our open APIs or setting up a batch process.


Platform CRM APIs and integration tools let you sync your systems in real-time, manage subscriber data, and initiate messaging to your subscribers.


Callbacks allow third parties to stay in sync with subscriber and participant activities facilitated through the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform.

Vibes Aggregation

Vibes Aggregation provides enterprise-level SMS connectivity to major carriers for brands with high-volume, mission-critical messaging traffic.

Partner Integrations

We have the expertise and partnerships to help you integrate with leading campaign management, email, CRM and analytics solutions.

Create fulfilling customer experiences


Maximize your investment in CRM and campaign management systems

Integrate your CRM and campaign management data to segment users to deliver more personalized experiences, and then track the success of those campaigns.

Connect the dots for a complete digital solution

Supplement your existing marketing stack with Vibes’ solutions tailored to your brand’s needs.
Marketo + Vibes
Integrate text messaging and Mobile Wallet content into your email campaigns.

Vibes Integration in Action: Sprinklr

Social media management platform Sprinklr wanted to give marketers more data to enable better personalization. The company created Sprinklr Audiences, a new product that lets you import customer data from more than 25 sources. With one click, marketers can authorize the service to pull valuable customer information from Vibes to improve ad targeting across Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and other social channels.

How can Vibes work for you?
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