Modernize Loyalty & Deliver Digital Content with Mobile Wallet

Enhance customer loyalty through engaging and compelling digital content. With Mobile Wallet you can drive in-store visits, increase redemption rates, and incentivize customers beyond apps and text messaging.

Bring consumers' phones to life

Mobile passes

Users can save event tickets, offers and more directly to Mobile Wallet, making check-in a snap and paper coupons a thing of the past.

Loyalty cards

Ditch the plastic card and embrace mobile to engage your customers with relevant and timely content like offers, coupons, and tickets to increase redemption and drive loyalty.

Automatic loyalty enrollment

Make loyalty program enrollment a breeze by automatically onboarding shoppers at the point of sale through Google and Apple Pay, or via a simple link in an email, SMS, web page, or social post.

Wallet notifications

Engage customers using location aware technology and sending trigger-based, notifications informing them of an expiring coupon or reminding them to redeem an offer.

Create elite customer experiences


Increase conversion rates and customer spend

Historically, Vibes customers have achieved a 65% conversion rate and $30 spend per mobile subscriber.

Make your loyalty program accessible anytime, anywhere

Empower your members to access and track their loyalty points, member status and other important loyalty information in real-time.

Give customers the relationship they want

Create a two-way dialogue between your brand and customers to help deliver meaningful experiences.

Increase redemption by localizing content

Incorporate timeliness and context into your loyalty program communications to make them more compelling and relevant.

Understand the impact of your program

Measure both behavioral and emotional loyalty to understand what impact your mobile loyalty program is having on customer engagement.
Boost Your Business with Google Pay & Apple Pay
Mobile wallets provide a smart way for marketers to deliver content like offers, coupons, loyalty cards and more to their customers.

Mobile Wallet Definition

With Mobile Wallet marketing, we’ve helped various retailers drive $488M+ in mobile attributed revenue
How does it work?
A mobile wallet is an app used on mobile devices to store credit and debit card information, coupons or rewards information. Some mobile wallet apps come preinstalled on mobile devices or are native to the devices, others need to be downloaded from an app store. Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are the most commonly used mobile wallets. Instead of using physical plastic cards to make purchases or paper coupons for discounts and promotions, a mobile wallet allows customers to pay with their smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch in stores, in apps, or on the web.
How can a mobile wallet app help brands?
With mobile wallet marketing, brands can modernize and enhance their existing loyalty programs by engaging customers with personalized, relevant and timely content like offers, coupons and tickets.
  • Increase conversion rates and customer spend
  • Drive in-store visits
  • Make your loyalty program accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Increase redemption by localizing content
  • Incentivize customers beyond apps and text messages
  • Simplify the loyalty program enrollment process
  • Understand the impact of your program
What industries can benefit from mobile wallet?
Mobile wallet marketing is a powerful tool for organizations and institutions looking to enhance customer loyalty. Industries that benefit from mobile wallet include:
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Recruiting Agencies
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Utilities
Still not convinced?
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