Connect with Mobile Customers at the Right Moment

Constantly bombarded by information, today’s mobile customers are easily distracted. To make an impact, you need to deliver individualized experiences, messages, and offers at the right time. They want to be heard, understood, and in control of their experience which requires mobile marketers to move beyond mass segmentation and into personalization.

Mobile personalization at scale

The Vibes Platform leverages analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create right-time mobile connections based on an individual’s behaviors, history, preferences, and location.

Personalize every mobile experience, create joy


Increase customer lifetime value

Deliver personalized, desirable mobile experiences that build loyalty.

Pinpoint when and how to connect with customers

Increase conversion by engaging with customers at the right time, right place.

Anticipate the most receptive mobile customers

Analyze historical trends to predict future mobile responders.

Personalize mobile customer experiences

Use behavioral and purchase analytics to deliver mobile conversations proactively.
Personalization and the Era of Individualized Mobile Experiences
Envision the future of personalization in marketing: 1:1 conversations.
Ready to get personal?
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