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The Vibes Team Interviews Becky Kruse of U.S. Cellular®

Being leaders in the mobile marketing space for many years has allowed Vibes to form lasting relationships with the nation’s top mobile carriers. One of these being U.S. Cellular, who regularly activates cutting edge mobile sponsorship campaigns across the country. Vibes was fortunate enough to interview Becky Kruse, Senior Manager of Sponsorships, and ask questions about what it takes to run a successful campaign.

In our latest podcast, the panelists deep dive into the work U.S. Cellular has done to be one of Vibes’ top customers. Joel and Becky discuss:

  • How U.S. Cellular has created loyalty among consumers
  • The hard work that goes into bringing each activation to fruition
  • Why compliance is a top consideration - and challenge - for many sponsors and brands

The podcast is available now - check it out and be on your way to becoming a mobile sponsorship expert!


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