Vibes Celebrates One-Year
Anniversary of WalletAds™

WalletAds Experiences Strong Growth with Campaigns by Major Brand Advertisers like Honda and Partnerships with Flashtalking, MEC Global (North America), MobileFuse, Spark SMG and Others

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Vibes, a mobile marketing leader, today announced its first-to-market, patent-pending mobile ad technology WalletAds™ has experienced tremendous growth and demand since launching a year ago. WalletAds has built a rich ecosystem of leading partners, resellers and agencies and a notable roster of major brand advertisers, including Honda, Adidas, Petco, HP, Dairy Queen, FedEx Office, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Firestone and more.

WalletAds enables all advertisers to remove the friction commonly associated with mobile ads and the reliance on brand-owned mobile apps by integrating with Apple Wallet and Android Pay, the mobile wallet apps pre-installed on nearly all iPhones and Android phones. In just two taps, consumers seamlessly “tap and save” branded content, such as a special offer, coupon or event reminder, to their mobile wallets directly from a mobile ad.

This type of mobile ad destination comes highly requested by consumers. According to Vibes’ 2016 Mobile Consumer Report, about half of consumers say they prefer to be directed to a mobile coupon page as opposed to a mobile commerce or app download page. This recent study also found that approximately one-third (32 percent) of mobile consumers currently use a mobile wallet like Apple Wallet or Android Pay. Without requiring brands to rely on their own mobile apps, WalletAds allows advertisers to capitalize on the rapid adoption of these native applications.

“WalletAds solves several key problems for advertisers: First, we allow them to close the loop on their campaigns and connect their paid media with real-life purchases in a way that is seamless and trackable; second, saved WalletAds become a living ad unit in the mobile wallet that can be updated over time with new offers, content and reminders to extend the brand’s engagement with the consumer,” said Brian Bradtke, VP of mobile wallet advertising at Vibes. “WalletAds is resonating with some of the biggest agencies, platforms and brand advertisers around – and we’re already seeing more budget being allocated and larger campaigns being run. Vibes is consistently seeing engagement metrics that are 2-4 times better than comparable ad experiences.”

WalletAds is unique in comparison to other mobile ad formats because of its CRM functionality and persistence in the mobile wallet. Through location-triggered reminders or updates at relevant times, WalletAds unlocks the ability for brands to influence the consumer through the entire purchase process, even after the ad campaign has ended.

Vibes has run more than 40 WalletAds campaigns across the retail, automotive, QSR and fast casual restaurants industries, and has WalletAds partnerships with a number of leading mobile advertising companies and agencies, including Flashtalking, MEC Global (North America), MobileFuse, Spark SMG and others.

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WalletAds Partner Quotes

Kimberly Smith, general manager mobile, Flashtalking
“Traditionally, marketing plans have been designed around the assumption: ‘bigger purchases, bigger devices.’ But with WalletAds, we helped Honda successfully flip that theory. By leveraging WalletAds, Honda has continued its conversation with targeted audiences well beyond the initial ad impression and into the dealership. Honda offered $500 off the lease or purchase of a new vehicle and has successfully turned these mobile-savvy audiences into new car customers. We are thrilled to see such a success story for Honda and continue to emphasize the power of WalletAds with our customers.”

Rachel Pasqua, practice lead, connected life and mobility, MEC Global, North America
“What’s unique about WalletAds is that the platform enables a save-to-wallet call to action that circumvents the need for a mobile app. It’s a valuable proposition since many brands still struggle with getting the user formula for native apps just right — this enables us to connect with consumers via mobile wallets regardless of how well their app is performing or even if the brand has no app at all. However, it is an equally compelling proposition for brands that have thriving mobile apps as well. A brand’s native app is used by the most loyal customers — the real brand enthusiasts — but they can’t help you reach the much larger ecosystem of new and prospective customers. That’s where the save-to-wallet call to action in a mobile ad comes in, enabling brands to extend offers, incentives and other hyperlocal information to this new audience you could never reach through your app.”

Ken Harlan, co-founder and CEO, MobileFuse
“MobileFuse chooses only the best-in-class, cutting-edge tools to help our advertisers reach the most receptive, appropriate audience on mobile devices. WalletAds is a unique, differentiated mobile ad unit that allows our advertisers to influence consumers beyond the initial impression through updates and location-sensitive notifications. This added CRM capability is highly valuable because it extends the ROI of our campaigns.”

Shelby Saville, president of innovation and investment platforms, Spark SMG
“The mobile ad methods that will outlast the ad-blocking age are those that directly benefit the consumer through a completely seamless user experience. WalletAds has been a popular solution with many retail clients, as it allows consumers to easily save an offer that interests them, removing friction entirely while driving additional customers in-store.”


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