Vibes Webinar: ‘Mobilize Your Loyalty Program with Mobile Wallet’

CHICAGOMay 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Vibes, a mobile marketing technology leader, will hold a webinar to present  why mobile wallets represent a new frontier for loyalty marketing, discussing top strategies for creating successful mobile loyalty programs. The webinar will feature guest speaker Emily Collins, analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., and Julie Novack, senior vice president, sales and services at Vibes. Registration is free at

When: Tuesday, May 20, at 2 p.m. EDT/1 p.m. CDT

Why: CRM and loyalty marketers at all major retailers know that today’s mobile consumers are evolving rapidly and have greater expectations for their favorite retailers. In fact, 58 percent of loyalty marketers cite that their customer loyalty program is a top-three strategic priority for their organization based on data from Forrester Research, Inc.,* making these programs more important than ever. What they may not know is that new mobile technologies such as Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook are transforming retailers’ abilities to deliver value to their most loyal customers.

When used in tandem with loyalty programs, these innovative mobile wallets can amplify loyalty programs by making them more relevant, contextual, timely and useable. With more than two-thirds of consumers belonging to at least one loyalty program according to data from Forrester Research, Inc.,* Collins and Novack will outline how mobile further increases customer loyalty and mobilizing loyalty programs can help address the omni-channel challenge.

What: Participants will learn:

  • Hear from Vibes how marketers can use Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook for loyalty
  • Top strategies for creating a mobile loyalty program
  • How to address the omni-channel challenge by mobilizing your loyalty program


About Vibes
Founded in 1998, Vibes is a mobile marketing technology leader that helps some of the world’s biggest brands acquire, engage and deepen relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. Vibes’ Catapult Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) platform enables marketers to drive revenue growth and loyalty through mobile messaging, mobile wallet marketing leveraging Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet, post-click engagement, and advanced segmentation, targeting and personalization. Vibes has delivered more than 4 billion mobile experiences on behalf of customers that include Sears, Home Depot, Verizon, Allstate, The Gap, Tribune, Fox, and Gannett. The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) recognizes Vibes as one of only seven Tier 1 aggregators with secure, direct connections to all the major carriers. To learn more about Vibes, visit or connect on or

*Source: Forrester Research, Inc.: The State Of Loyalty Programs 2013, October 2013