Vibes 2019 US Mobile Consumer Report

Vibes 2019 US Mobile Consumer Report

Consumers want deals, but do they want what your brand has to offer? Smartphone use is changing—is this the end of the era of the app? Find out what consumers are really thinking. Download our 2019 US Mobile Consumer Report today!

Is personalized content and great mobile experiences enough?

We surveyed more than 1,000 consumers to find out what they think about the mobile shopping experience for their favorite brands. Deals are still important and personalized, but many consumers are increasingly concerned about data privacy and security. Others are confused about how a mobile wallet could make getting deals easier and some want better loyalty programs and rewards.














The Vibes 2019 US Mobile Consumer Report has details on these mobile marketing trends:

  • Consumers are 85% more likely to choose a brand with a loyalty program than one without
  • Text messaging rules: more than half of consumers want mobile messaging from their favorite brands
  • More consumers than ever are curious about using mobile wallets for coupons, offers, and deals

Don’t make your 2020 mobile marketing plans without understanding your customers and the latest mobile industry trends. Download the report today!

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