Vibes Guide to Mobile Marketing for Ecommerce

Vibes Guide to Mobile Marketing for Ecommerce

Download this free guide and get: 

  • A comprehensive checklist for integrating mobile marketing into your omnichannel strategy 
  • How real brands are using SMS, Mobile Wallet, and Push to amplify their ecommerce efforts  
  • Measurable strategies to ensure you’re maximizing the value of mobile marketing  
  • An overview of our newly launched Ecommerce Suite for traditional and DTC retailers 

Vibes Mobile Ecommerce Suite Overview

Vibes suite of mobile ecommerce solutions enables marketers to:

  • Send personalized and targeted SMS campaigns driven by intuitive analytics 
  • Create actionable segments from customer online click data to drive incremental revenue 
  • Automatically update targeting filters to engage on most recent behavior or purchase 
  • Trigger Cart Recovery messaging to drive incremental conversions 
  • Guide the post-purchase customer experience using triggered shipping notifications and mobile pick up

Key features:

  • Acquisition web pages/microexperience designer
  • Targeted SMS broadcast campaigns
  • Ecommerce tagging
  • Cart recovery messaging
  • Data-driven automated targeting
  • Shipping and delivery notifications
  • Mobile pick-up and BOPIS passes
  • Comprehensive ecommerce engagement and revenue analytics
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