2016 Mobile Consumer Infographics



Offers, incentives and coupons have long been used as effective direct marketing tools for driving in-store traffic and purchases – and that remains true with today’s ‘mobile-first’ consumers. Mobile wallet offers represent a win-win for consumers and marketers alike, as they streamline the consumer experience of saving an offer and remembering to use it in-store. While for brands and retailers, mobile offers are a powerful tool for driving engagement value and measurable revenue out of their mobile customers and couponing programs.

View this infographic to:

  • Learn about coupon and offer distribution in today’s mobile-first world
  • Understand consumer mobile wallet adoption and usage trends
  • Explore the benefits brands could expect to reap from activating their offers for mobile wallet



Mobile advertising offers brands and retailers an excellent opportunity to reach consumers at anytime and anyplace – all through their smartphones. While consumers are particular about the kinds of mobile ads they are willing to tap on, data shows strong consumer interest in mobile ads that link to mobile coupons and offers they can instantly save to mobile wallet. This powerful consumer trend is indicative of the huge opportunity mobile wallets present to advertisers, publishers, brands and more.

View this infographic to:

  • Learn more about the emerging mobile advertising opportunity
  • View data on consumer willingness to save offer content directly from banner ads
  • Explore the ways mobile wallet can help drive concrete ROI value out of your mobile ad spend



It’s been long predicted by analysts and insiders that mobile is set to transform loyalty, and consumers agree. Data shows that adapting current loyalty programs to be smartphone-accessible can have a powerful, positive impact on consumer perceptions of loyalty programs – and the brand or retailer that offers it. Mobile loyalty cards for Apple Wallet & Android Pay store important program information like point balances and loyalty levels in real-time. They are commonly used today to deliver exclusive content and personalized messaging straight to the smartphones of loyalty program members as well.

View this infographic to:

  • Better understand the potential of mobile (and mobile wallet) to transform loyalty by reducing user friction and simplifying loyalty experiences
  • Explore the benefits brands could expect to reap from activating their loyalty cards in Apple Wallet and Android Pay



It comes as no surprise that mobile messaging plays a key role in building powerful relationships with consumers. After all, mobile messaging channels like SMS and in-app push notifications represent today’s de-facto communication methods – for both marketers and consumers. Based on the success stories and ROI we’ve seen with our clients, effective mobile messaging combines context, personalization, immediacy and location to deliver messaging that consumers feel is just for them – because it is.

View this infographic to:

  • Grow your subject matter expertise in mobile messaging
  • Better understand your customers’ messaging preferences (and dislikes)
  • Discover new innovative ways to drive opt-ins
  • Get the most value out of every message you deliver to your subscribers
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