Engage Customers With Mobile Wallet Marketing By Forrester Research, Inc.,
April 2017

Web_Report-MockUp-Forrester-MW-v1Mobile wallets are gaining attention across the world. While the focus is primarily on payments, Forrester believes that mobile wallets’ real power is to generate powerful customer engagement opportunities. This report shows marketers how platforms like Alipay and WeChat already create sophisticated customer engagement features throughout the customer life cycle and advises how to prepare for the upcoming advancements in mobile wallets.

Vibes is excited to offer you this research to help you capitalize on the mobile wallet marketing opportunity.

Download this Forrester report today to learn:

  • The future of mobile wallet, extending beyond mobile payments, and trends you can expect to see in the next few years
  • The use cases of mobile wallet engagement such as coupons, offers, location-based services, tickets, enhanced product information, loyalty points and rewards
  • Effective customer engagement strategies from mobile-first platforms like WeChat and Alipay who operate in a crowded mobile marketplace
  • How Asia’s unique digital ecosystem has paved the way for innovative coupon and offer formats such as augmented reality (AR) coupons and social gifting.

“Marketers face a challenge: Most customers will not download their brands’ mobile apps, so they need to smartly leverage the mobile ecosystem to borrow mobile moments from the popular apps that their customers already use every day.  Mobile wallets are such apps.”


Forrester Research
By Xiaofeng Wand
With Frederic Giron, Thomas Husson, Jacob Morgan, Diane Deng and Bill Nagel


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