Vendor Landscape: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions by Forrester Research, Inc.

Forrester Research, Inc. estimates there are over 30 billion mobile moments each day in the US alone. For marketers to capitalize on these mobile3Dcover_ForresterVendorLandscape2 moments and meet consumer demands in real time, they need automated solutions that deliver both speed and accuracy.

Vibes is cited in the report among a new category of vendors that has emerged to deliver on these consumer expectations and the promise of mobile. Vibes believes that the accompanying document to the report, ‘Toolkit: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions,’ demonstrates the following highlights:

  • Breadth and measurement. Vibes is cited for its market maturity, which is demonstrated in the “the breadth of its customer base, testimonials, and technology partners as well as a focus on showing the ROI of mobile by closing the loop between digital marketing and offline purchases.”
  • Comprehensive offering. Vibes “combines a technology platform (the majority of its revenue) and professional services to accommodate both experienced and novice marketers.” Vibes has delivered more than 8 billion experiences across 100,000 campaigns.
  • Centered on the customer. Vibes “focuses on the traditional customer journey — not just a mobile app journey.”
  • Expansion and experience. In the Vendor Landscape portion of the report, Vibes is cited among vendors who have “morphed from being [a] pure mobile messaging and aggregation [vendor] with deep experience in app events identification and optimization.”

We’re proud to offer you this research to help you capitalize on the mobile opportunity.

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